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Writing a punchy intro in blogging


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If you’re new to this article, then welcome to my website, if you’re new to the writing and the blogging world and are wondering what the word “intro” means, it means introduction. I will leave some links at the bottom of this article so that you can also get help on all your blogging hurdles, the reasons why people blog, an overview around blogging and the benefits of blogging.

I’m sure you’ve first become aware of the word introduction when writing a composition in the English language if you are a native English speaker. I’m sure that you remember little or nothing from those lessons about writing an introduction, body and conclusion. So, let’s go through a new and advanced English lesson from that day when you’ve first discovered the word introduction in your English class.

There are all sorts of introductions for all kinds of writing, i.e. please do not use this article if you are writing a Thesis or an Essay, hence why I gave it the title it’ got right now emphasising on blogging. So, let’s find out if I broke my intro rule from the above introduction, I’ve just given you.

Ready, get set, go

Why are they looking at your blog title?

To write a punchy intro in blogging, get straight to the why in your intro. The reader should know exactly what they are going to get from the title, and the intro is the enticing bit to make them read further so that they can get what they came for from the rest of your article. Your reader is hungry, he or she plans to go to the restaurant to eat not to get ice-cream but to get food. Give them what they came for, still, have ice-cream for dessert and do not give them anything less than what they expect from your subject heading and introduction. If you have more, sure serve it up.

Are you talking to them, or are you a bot?

Writing a punchy intro in blogging means keeping things to the point but not in a square box. There is no hard and fast rule when you’re in a shop serving a customer. Note, I used the word serving and not selling. Think of your blog as a place where people come to an online shop to resolve a problem. If you’re taking your business seriously, then why not look at yourself as a pharmacist. Your customer can’t sleep at night, he went everywhere looking for a solution, and now he has finally come to you with a prescription. Are you going to give him/her what they need so that the pain can go away and they can have a good night’s rest? Talk to them and serve them by directing them towards the research you’ve uncovered and why you’ve come to the conclusion you have; what you’re recommending.

Create a relationship with your reader, who might even end up becoming a potential customer. Your reader, follower, customer, a potential customer will only take action if they know, like and trust you.

Writing a punchy intro in blogging? How are you addressing your reader?

Are you addressing your reader in a way that makes them feel that you really do have their best interest at heart? Are your articles warm, social, engaging or a complete deep freeze? If you read self-help books, you will find that they are written with the perspective of “you” in mind, because it’s all about you.

Feel your market’s pain

Take a look at this article

Before you have even written an article, created a product or a service, you must have already identified the need for it in the market. When you’ve done that how deep did you really go? Did you connect with your target market through deep unsettled feelings with regards to looking no further than the service you provide? Do you feel their pain?

Get very personal and if it’s a taboo all the reasons why you need to crack it open

Your reason why will make your work from an angle of service. This should be at the forefront of why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you’ve uncovered an issue and asking a question that no one asked as yet be sure that most people in your market are thinking about it and need one brave person to bring up the topic. You’ve cracked it now watch how it opens up to debate. When writing a punchy intro in blogging, focusing on this point will get your article views up. Start with what people are thinking about but afraid to open up about. Be the authority, be the leader and start first.

Most people touch the surface when detail comes to mind take time to explore it

This one is crucial to me when writing a punchy intro in blogging. Can you image how much repetitive information there is on the internet and if you’ve been doing keywords research, you will know even more how many articles just like this one is out there on the internet? Wow your reader, they buy when you’ve just written what they’re precisely thinking. This is where a lot of writers go wrong; not only in writing blogs but in writing books, essays, short stories, compositions etc. If you make this the biggest focus in writing not only in your intro but your body and conclusion you will win over a lot of clients from your competitors. People really want someone to understand them and not mislead them or pretend to act like they know what is going on with them. Can you not relate to that? How many times you felt like, “Oh my god! Not a new person again. I better ensure they do the job properly. I wish the person who worked there for twenty years were still here.” If you’re old, you have more anxiety.

Forget what people think and get over your own roadblocks

When writing your punchy intro in blogging, your body or conclusion, the focus must be on living in alignment to your “why”. When you work in this way, you won’t care what your audience thinks, and you will get over your own flaws purely because you have a job to do and you must do it properly. When you write from a place of authenticity, you will get people’s attention. Coming from a place of authentic service speaks volumes.

Take a look at this video

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