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Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?


How are you today fellow bloggers, readers and those thinking of starting a home business?

This is your host, Mr Mark Ford. A very warm welcome to my website. Today I want to share my tips with mothers. As a coach, I work with a lot of mothers. I wanted to bring to the table some of my knowledge so that I can help you through my experience, working with single moms and mothers.

Get yourself a hot drink and relax. I will wait for you before we begin…

This article will help you see the benefits of having your very own home business as a new mother or mom, whether it is income that you’re after or your very own dream job. It’s up to you what you want to make of it. Like every blogger, you will face challenges, as if it wasn’t already a challenge giving birth. Oof! I give you so many claps for doing that, I as a man, don’t think I could go through that.

Alright, Ready, Get set and Go. Here are all the reasons why every new mother or mom should consider a home business.

Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?

# 1 – Retain your individuality, opinions keep learning and have independence

From what I understand, a mother just like any person but more after giving birth has either lost her job completely, perhaps she has taken time off or is unsure after the newcomer has entered her life. The question after birth or even the looming question further down the line is what or how to live life from now, now that she is alone, in a supportive marriage or partnership?

Are you a single mom, or have you just become a mother? I bet it can be hard and confusing when you feel like you have been making your mission your child and haven’t been finding any satisfaction from fuelling your own creativity, passion and life.

Mothers by natures want to mother and care but often fall into a hole where there is a void that they’re trying to fill, and that gap could simply be your space, time, self-love, self-care in learning and building who you are as a person not who you are as a mother. While a man doesn’t have to make those sacrifices and can keep going as he has been going as a mother the hormonal changes, the feelings, the evolution and juggling life as a mother, wife, and an individual who has her own needs can be a bit too much. Don’t get lost and don’t lose your sense of purpose and character. Who says you can’t be an upbeat mom, and this is why every new mother or mom should consider their very own home business. This is why every mother, seriously every mother and mother to be should watch this movie by Wayne Dyer called The Shift.


Whatever your situation is, whether you’re a new mother or not; a mother raising your child alone with or without help, or you’re in a perfectly healthy marriage or partnership it’s important to have your own income. Having a sense of control in your life and independence lessens the pressure, and you can remain secure. It’s often our fears and lack that makes us sink. Having a sense of security and control helps you to do what you feel necessary, like going out with other mothers and making friends with them. Can you imagine how many women or even men are in this situation? Depending on how you want to take this, you will have plenty of opportunities to make good friends and business partners. Also, the number one reason why people divorce in America is because of money.

Learning about parenting and adopting good habits

With becoming a blogger, part of the process is that blogging makes you a better person. If blogging makes you a better person just imagine how it can make you become a better mother with all the things you are learning which is aligned to making money, being a mother, helping people and getting help through your research.

Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?

# 2 – Socialise with like-minded parents in the same boat as you

As a new mother or mother, you want to create the right environment for your child and having friends with kids can be helpful so that your child can make a few best friends while you’re making new friendships. Also, being first-time parents, regrouping and finding support with other parents can be helpful. The more you put yourself out there as a home business mom, you are giving yourself the chance to put yourself and your child/family in a healthy space. The best part about this is that you can be your own boss and have your duties as a mother fit right in; hand in hand. Which job will let you do that? See, this is why every new mother or mom should consider a home business. Your friends can be your partnerships and your group to socialise as a family. Your child will make some stable friendships.

Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?

# 3 – A chance to do what you really dream of doing throughout the years – The big break

Okay, now I just think if I was a woman and pregnant, Wow! Scary… Okay, let me get to the point. Right, what if I hate (maybe too strong, dislike) my job and I am pregnant. I can take maternity leave; perhaps I have been reviewing what I could do next or whether I should return to work. Maybe I just want to raise my child because no job is giving me space to raise my child the way I want to (wrong by the way), I want to pursue something else, or I just want some time to figure it out. I would start right from the time I found out I was pregnant. This moment might even be the worse crisis in your life. Maybe you didn’t plan to get pregnant, but you know what, where there is a crisis there is big opportunity, I believe this is somewhere along the lines of what Albert Einstein said. Seize the day…

Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?

#4 – Confidence

This is also another huge reason why every new mother should consider a home business. Confidence makes you feel good; confidence raises your spirits and keeps you positive. Having something you know really well and gives you a sense of worth, a sense of making a difference somewhere and in your life helps with removing the feeling of depression when you feel like all the accolades and achievements mean nothing now or that you’re tired of the daily grind, and the lack of support moms have in the workplace. Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business? Be your own boss, run your own show and ooze with confidence, who needs to conform. Inspire other mothers.

Why every new mother or mom should consider a home business?

#5 – Spend time with your kids on your schedule because you are the one calling the shots

This one is the main reason why every new mother or mom should consider a home business. The mothers I’ve met through my coaching and community just went for it because they can spend as much time as possible with their kids and still be satisfied with the life they’re building for themselves, their kids and their family. A life without feeling guilty, getting a genuine income and satisfaction through all the right reasons. Their reasons why was/are stronger than just the desire, which is what made most of them successful bloggers.

And one more thing. Read this article. It’s also very good.

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