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Top your blog up with some of these toppings

Hello, Mark Ford here, today I was eating a pizza, and this title came to mind. Before eating my pizza, I was looking at a blank cursor, wondering what I shall write about. I thought, well write about this blank cursor moment and how you can top up your blog with some of these toppings.

You must be wondering what am I on about? In simple words, I am here to help you with topics that you can write about on your blog in case you are staring at your pizza wondering what to write about. It would have been bad if my pizza didn’t have enough toppings. While I had a glass half full and a pizza with many toppings, I slowly brewed up this fantastic idea so you can keep your glass half full and have plenty to top your blog up with some of these tantalising toppings. Sounds cheesy, hey 😊. Hope you like cheese cause this topic is very delicious…

Okay, let’s start topping your blog up with some of these toppings.

Maybe, you’re writing blog posts as a hobby, or perhaps you’re writing blog posts for business purposes, i.e. in a particular niche.

Go off the topic at times to show the personality of your brand

You don’t always have to talk the business talk and can lighten things down a bit. Maybe you can write a blog post that your readers, followers, potential customers and customers can relate to in general. An anecdote of the day. This helps to humanise your brand.

Bring humour into your article and still keep it about business

Here you are running a company; there are so many competitors doing what you are doing. Everyone is trying to get traffic and sales. How boring! It’s boring focusing on that and everything else that you have to look at seriously when running a business. Why don’t you take a poke at yourself and at others like you? There must have been some odd things to have made you laugh so loud at times. Why not write an article about some things you never expected to happen in the workplace, for example, an adventure? This will surely bring a smile or even laughter to your readers, followers, potential customers and customers. Top your blog up with some of these toppings which are different from what others are writing about in your niche. It’s so dull eating the same old dishes in different restaurants most of the time. Change the flavour.

Have you read a book lately? How does that tie in with your business?

Entrepreneurs are always growing. I’m sure you can resonate with that. What was the last book you read? A…No, not a decade ago. Can you think of something in the last year or in the last four to five months if your schedule doesn’t permit you to read often? If you’re a bookworm, I am pretty sure that you will can top your blog up with some of these toppings from the books you read and tie it to your business now and again.

Why don’t you write about your difficulties in running a business, for example, an article around focus?

As a business owner or a business that is growing, you can help other small to medium-sized businesses see pitfalls which you have learnt from. Using those studies to help other businesses helps your authority. Other company directors will want to be up to date with your articles because it has really helped them improve their business.

You can top your blog up with a lot of these toppings when you look at your own company’s dos and don’ts

Can you imagine how many articles can come out of these each with their own heading? No need to give away too much of your company’s secrets to success. Just give out some and then move onto other topics which will still be providing value anyway.

Help the youth

What would you tell the younger you; the one coming out of university and going to find a job? How did you get this far? Write an article about your journey or what can really help the youth today. The great thing is that if you’re on the pulse with your company’s stats, you might even be able to write an article about the way the workforce looks in the future and the direction it may take through your eyes.

What is the one best piece of advice you’ll give someone and why?

You might have so many that you will have to come up with your best one to top your blog up with this topping. I think this will be a very hot, spicy and tantalising topic.

Where do you see this niche, these products or the market going in say five years time?

Why not give your angle on this from what you’ve been reading; the statistics and analysis you’ve been doing or even what you think is really going to impact this market that people need to know? Maybe you’re seeing another recession coming, and you feel that businesses need to be moving in a certain direction when it comes to this niche.

Have an influencer write an article

Give your blog some more weight with an influencer writing a post for a change. A change in style, opinion and voice give your blog some variety than the readers only reading in your style, tone and perspective.

Common myths about this business

Give people insight into what the public out there perceives about this business or its niche, and the reality about it. What people thought they knew will now be clear. This will also help younger generations choose correctly if they do want to get into this business.

The biggest surprise of your life

This could be a really good article while you engage your readers, followers, potential customers and customers. Ask them what the biggest surprise of their life was. This could end up becoming an enjoyable topic. Perhaps give a prize to the best comment you receive.

The most embarrassing thing that happened in business for you

Topping your blog up with this topping could be awesome. To be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of people writing about this title. This could be one really good and engaging topic too. This topic is relevant to everyone who has a job, and the learnings that one could get from it is massive.

Now for sure, you can top your blog up with all these toppings and more by taking a look at this article as well.

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