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Tips on fashion blogging

Hey, how are you today?

So here we are. I’ve looked at blogs over the years, and because I’m Mr, I stress Mr in the Mr Mark Ford 😊, I don’t spend my time looking at bikinis, nail polish, the latest fashion as a hobby. I am usually a keep it simple guy, but because curiosity killed the cat, here I am blogging about fashion. Who would have thought? Please don’t kill my cat; I love its fur coat. 😊

Alright, let’s leave my cat alone and get straight back to tips on fashion blogging. Do you want to make money being a fashion blogger? Is that something you’re really into? Then let’s kick-off…

Who knows maybe that’s why Rihanna is talking makeup on Insta, she might be making more money with Fenty Beauty than making music, just saying how… 😊 Yes, cheeky me! Okay, now that that’s been said, let’s all go and make money on fashion blogging and become affiliated with Rihanna. RiRi, please consider this, I’ve just opened up your market even more. In return, you can pay me to write the lyrics for your next single… Don’t worry; it won’t be any rap songs or any bikini songs. Okay, you won, I will do the bikini song lyrics only for your Fenty brand that’s it, only once okay?

Oh! Man, how did me Mr Mark Ford get dragged into this?… Alright, the only reason I’m doing it is for you guys, my loyal readers, want to be bloggers, bloggers and followers.

Over the next coming days, I will go more into fashion blogging for now here are some of my tips on fashion blogging.

Fashion blogging is such a big market that finding your niche in fashion is a good start before you begin to blog. You can blog about seasonal fashion, celebrity fashion, hair, makeup, health, skin and beauty.

Stay true to yourself is what I have picked up when I did my research about fashion blogging. If you’re getting into affiliate marketing again, stay true to yourself. You want to work with brands that represent the best version of you, but you don’t want to be a bad fashion blogger role model at the same time for your audience. Become an affiliate with brands that you like and not with brands that are just going to pay you loads of money wearing their makeup that’s not good for the skin. If you still don’t know what you like and what you do like then yes, experiment. Stay true to your values and ensure that you’re partnering with brands that have good practices. The last thing you want is your image and brand being tainted by partnering with them.

Have fun with fashion, experiment, and create your signature look for your images and be original with your content. The more you’re experimenting and learning, the more you have to say. My tip on fashion blogging here is that if you’re really into this, you can redefine style and invent new trends. The great thing about becoming a fashion blogger and becoming an affiliate marketer is that you can use your creativity and entrepreneur skills.

I would say the biggest tip of all on fashion blogging out there is to use your personality to your advantage. This is one of the best markets where you as a brand and a person can shine. As a fashion blogger; you’re not a model working for a company, you’re actually the face of your company. You are the brand, the blogger and the personality which if you skilfully use, you can make this a great space to make a lot of money and become an authority figure.

Now, becoming a fashion blogger requires a lot of visuals. Those who are reading your blog posts want to know the product, its benefits and its packaging (if it’s hair, makeup, skin and beauty products). Whether you’ll be doing live videos on different colours, putting on makeup, telling your audience the number of the colour of the lipstick you’re using, the brand, taking photos of you in the item then it would be beneficial to have social media. If this is your first time reading this article or your first time on my site, take a look at the other articles. With regards to social media, this article will help you a lot especially, if you’re in fashion.

The article on this link will help you understand which best platforms in the fashion industry you can use and why. Using too many platforms can take too much of your time. Using roughly two that has specific features to help you with becoming visible can save you a lot of effort and bring you good results.

This one is an obvious tip. You’ll need to have a good camera and video recording device. If you’re a beginner to blogging, having a good phone that can do the basic is enough, and as your business grows, you can invest in better technology. Doing lives is an effective way to get you more views as you build your authority. Not only showing your audience the product but demonstrating how to use it is a big bonus. You never know where you could find yourself the more you put yourself out there.

People might end up hiring you to do their makeup for weddings, events, or you could even end up working as a freelancer putting makeup for celebrities. The opportunities are endless.

To conclude, there is a lot to cover with regards to fashion blogging and all the opportunities that are available for you in this niche if you position yourself well. You don’t need to change yourself all you need to do is play around with the factors while you’re having fun playing with the ideas that come to you. One thing for sure is that you will definitely be reinvented when you enter the blogging world, for one, and two your style and personality will be reinvented over and over again with time especially when it comes to fashion. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts which has everything to do with fashion blogging.

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