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Things you have no clue about when it comes to fashion blogging


Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

Hope your weekend was better than mine. I had some wardrobe malfunction, aha, just kidding, not to say that I don’t get days like that, even with hair as short as mine I get bad hair days.

Okay, so I want to give you as much information as possible to help you decide if fashion blogging is really for you, I’ve done some digging around. I thought a reality check on fashion blogging could be useful. Let’s take a look at what you’re in for.

Travelling can be tiring

Things you have no clue about when it comes to fashion blogging is that travelling is tiring physically. In the beginning, it’s great to see new places and live your blogging dream, but the reality within this blogging dream is that your physical body does get tired living your dream life and especially, working in your dream job. You could be travelling so much that you can lose orientation after going from city to city and hotel to hotel that you actually miss stability.

You don’t always get free things. There’s a process with yourself and the brand

In the beginning, you’re just going to start blogging like the way every blogger does, unless you already have contacts, skills or maybe you’re already positioned in fashion. This will give you a head start. The minute you start gaining moment and get people’s attention is when brands will slowly approach you. Which takes us to the next point.

You have to put in a lot of work

Things you have no clue about when it comes to fashion blogging is that it takes many years to grow your blog. When you look at the images or even the article itself, it might look effortless, but the truth is that fashion blogging can be a 24/7 job. Think about it, you have to keep an eye on the weather to do your shoots, and if you’re feeling sick, you can’t take off especially if you have to be at an event. The part that keeps you up until very late at night is the part where you’re editing photos, responding to emails, preparing for projects, negotiating contracts and being creative. You have to look fresh, whether you’re tired or ill. Not to mention, you still have to prepare your posts regularly and embody being a fashion blogger even when you’re out taking your dog for a walk.

You know what’s the hardest sometimes? Keeping that smile on, when you know that if you get to go to bed at that very minute, you will be out in one second, forget the smile or the shot, and a 100% yes to the bed.

Building a following takes hard work, late nights, consistency and quality content. Providing value of the best quality in this competitive industry to get to where you envision. From the beginning to the continuation of becoming a successful blogger means, you will have hurdles along the way; writer’s blocks, networking, which contracts to choose, maintaining your social media platforms, find your voice, learn a bit of technology, etc. Eventually, it will be worth it.

There is a lot of competition in this industry, but there is also a lot of money to be made

As you gain traffic, your readers and all the new visitors will begin to see you as an authority figure. The more exposure you have, the more brands that are aligned to your message will want to work with you. The fashion industry today doesn’t consist of newspaper and magazine editors. The catwalk today has so many people; journalists, celebrities, stylists and many people from other professions who sit in the front row. The internet has changed everything, and new ideas are being born all the time alongside that, there is a market that is being created for it. There’s a way that fashion bloggers can make a lot of money on Instagram. If you’ve got millions of followers, you can possibly make £30 000 pounds per post or more when your post is being sponsored. Influencers usually exist on social media platforms.

You can end up creating your very own fashion business

I bet you didn’t see this one coming. Yep, things you have no clue about when it comes to becoming a fashion blogger is that the longer you’re in the business, the more you’d want to create your very own fashion. Your creativity and talents can be limitless. By becoming a fashion blogger, you will gain enough experience and exposure which you can use for your very own fashion brand in the future. By then, you would have made all the contact, worked with top brands, and got to have more insight into the fashion industry. By this time, you would have already built the foundations and relationships with editors, influencers, other bloggers and a lot more people. By creating your own products, accessories, clothing line, perfumes etc. not only do you get the chance to make your own cake, but you also get to eat it. 😊

It takes a lot of re-doing, editing and wearing different hats

To get to read the article and see the images on that article, it took the following:

Time to write a good piece of content. It depends if you’re sitting with a writers’ block. It could take you 4 hours or if you already have something on your mind from the list of topics you want to write about it could take you 2 to two and a half hours to write say roughly 1000 -1200 words. The time to do the shooting and then picking the right shot out of fifteen to twenty-five shots needs extra time.

But wait,

You have to be the secretary, the editor, the photographer, the writer, the accounts team, the negotiator, the banker and even the admin to your website and god knows what else, which means that you can’t miss a deadline.

To conclude

What looks so glam and fun comes with a huge price. This is hard for readers and followers to grasp, especially when they’re still in school or university. There will also be readers and followers who have never thought about digital marketing as a career, or have any knowledge on digital marketing or what a writer’s job looks like. It seems pretty easy and fun when you’re looking at the images, and the fantastic articles without knowing how long it has taken and how far you have travelled, edited, dodged the rain etc. to get that perfect shot. The more platforms you have, the more time it takes to update all of them and even learning the skillset for each one of them.

So, what are the things that you had no clue about when it comes to fashion blogging after reading this article? Comment if you have more points to share with us which are not in this article.

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