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Things that make you go yum or no thanks


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You know food blogging is one of the top ten niches, and some might even say that food blogging is one of the top 5 niches. I figured let me get into the truth about what people out there think about food blogging before we go into more topics about food blogging.

So fellow bloggers, readers and want to be bloggers here are some truths about food blogging.

So many people can cook these days, and because of that, there is so much competition in this niche. The thing is that it’s so easy to do on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or practically any place where you can put a video up, including a blog. Think about it; there is so much you can do with food blogging, including taking pictures and videos of the different types of food being served to you on your travels. Whatever you do, you will need a camera to work in this niche, especially if you are posting things that make you go “yum.” There will always be that percentage that could go, “no thanks”.

Let’s look at the things that make you go yum or no thanks when it comes to picking your niche as a food blogger.


This niche can be played with to the best. Perhaps you like travelling, love experimenting, enjoy yourself in the kitchen; cooking and making food from foreign recipes. Maybe your niche is lifestyle-related; to many who have chosen to become vegan or those who are into gluten-free products. Perhaps you have your own range of secret recipes that have been passed over from generation to generation.


Maybe you’re into health and fitness, have had to lose weight yourself or had health issues. You want to help others and have read every book out there over the years, so much, that you even know the benefits of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. Blogging about it helps you to create awareness about new concepts, ideas, and god knows what else most people have never even seen in their lives or even thought existed. 


Perhaps you’re working as a chef in a private resort. Maybe you’re a world-class bartender and have access to some crazy types of alcohol, worked around the world learning different cocktails, or you’re into kids’ lunches, party snacks, breakfast, cream teas etc. You want to show off your creativity through food. Oof! This niche is already making me think of things that make you go yum.

The travel food blogger

Now if you are a frequent traveller, then like every human being you will have to eat but most of all, I’m sure you’ll get to see the things that make you go yum or no thanks. This blogger could end up having loads of fun with food and drink, but even better, you can combine a little bit of travel too. After all, eating seafood off the coast of Italy in a beautiful setting shouldn’t be a waste. Share it with us too!

Condiments, ingredients, education or cookware

You enjoy cooking, but even more, you have knowledge about these subjects, and you want to teach people what you know about this.

So, either one of these five is going to be something you will be very good at if you are certain that you want to be a food blogger. Learning about how to present your content and tracking it will tell you more about the things that make your audience go yum or no thanks 😊.

Within these niches you either already living a glamorous life, travelling or maybe even a professional in the food industry. This should add as an extra touch.

What can you blog about or offer?

As a food blogger, you can even offer cooking courses on your website and also write a cookbook and sell it.

Take a look at these top 3 food blogger’s sites to get an idea about ways you can make your blog unique.


This last one made me think about desserts and biscuits. Now that is often a thing that makes you go yum and not no thanks.

What will have a massive impact on your food blog is you posting as many pictures as possible and doing real-time videos.  Please, no images and videos of half-eaten food. This doesn’t go down well.

If you love food, love cooking and eating then I hope this article has helped you. Do not quit by reading this article, because you’re afraid of the competition, remember all it takes is someone to discover you and to like your content (things that make them go yum) that can change everything. If that doesn’t happen, there are so many ways to create your own abundance. You will find this out along the way as long as you keep following the steps. This article will help you form a belief and align you better to your thoughts and perspectives.

Now, just in case you’re wondering how to begin your food blog take a look at this article where I present the first eight basic steps that will help you to get up and running to starting a blog.

One last tip,

“See I had no idea that I was not eating the authentic Indian dishes that are served in India or in a Gujarati home for that matter of fact. Why aren’t there more Gujarati specialities in the menu? I can ask this now after a contact showed me what Gujarati cuisine consists of. I wondered why all Indian restaurants are so standardised. This made me wonder about my ignorance about food and cultures. The way I was eating Indian food, and the way Indian people ate was different. After looking at Gujarati cuisine, I wonder about what I am being served in some Indian restaurants, and from what I gathered, Gujarati biriyani recipes don’t contain mushrooms at all.”


So, by this example above, if it weren’t for a person showing people on Instagram what real Gujarati cuisine consists of the #world and #UnitedKingdom would have never really known that. I wouldn’t have found out that every region in India has its own type of cuisine.

You can use food blogging to teach people about your culture, it’s history and the cuisine, but most of all it will make people less ignorant with this perception which they had and believed.

If you’re already a food blogger, tell us how this article helped you or what is working for you.

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