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The living lifestyle loca blog


Mr Mark Ford here, your host listening to songs again. I was thinking about writing about another popular niche, and the song Livin La Vida Loca popped into my head. This is a song by Ricky Martin. After all, this is what lifestyle bloggers do, right?

So, if you’re joining me for the first time, then welcome, and if you’ve been here before, then hope you are getting a lot of value from this website.

The living lifestyle loca blogger can fall into several categories.

  1. Travel
  2. Food (cooking or homeware)/ Food travel blogger
  3. Gardening
  4. Survival
  5. Home/Outdoor Décor
  6. Organising
  7. Knitting
  8. Housekeeping
  9. Living green
  10. Motherhood
  11. Self-care
  12. Finances
  13. Family

If it’s your first time reading this article, and you’re going to be the living lifestyle loca blogger then I recommend the first eight steps on this website which should help you get up and running but most of all it will help you dig into which niche in lifestyle is the one you want to work with. This link should help you out a lot (the first eight steps).

If you’re good at DIY and really love it, you should consider this. Imagine, how many videos, photos, and slide shows could help even women how to use the drill (especially if they’re single or single mums), and then combine this with Feng Shui, and you could really win some points.

Lifestyle is such a broad niche, so you really want to hit it on the nail. Take time to analyse where you can position yourself in this market and look at who your competitors are.

I’ve decided to go into this website. She’s a top lifestyle blogger. Let me tell you what I pulled out. I just did a quick search while writing this article.

I’ll be honest; it’s the first time since I’ve seen a blog like this. It’s got several niches. This blogger has a strong tech team.

The niches are:

  • Fitness and healthy living
  • Natural beauty
  • Food & Recipes
  • Travel
  • Interior décor
  • Blogging
  • Hobbies (books, swimming)

This is an excellent blog because not only did she go broad, she’s also working with a lot of partners who are advertising with her. The way it’s laid out is pretty good with a full page on just business advertising.

I’ve also searched for other bloggers, I’ve picked up a lot of bloggers in the lifestyle niche living in Cotswolds, I am not surprised as the Cotswolds is very green and beautiful (my search was limited to the UK).

The living lifestyle loca blogger can earn anywhere from $19k to $79K a year.

As you build your living lifestyle loca blog you will get a lot of products to review, and the great thing that goes together with product reviews is that you will have a lot of opportunities to become an affiliate marketer, either that or start selling your own products and have an online store that can have anything from mugs, shirts to gardening products.

The living lifestyle loca blogger is also known to branch out into writing magazines or books. With having affiliate partnerships, selling products on your website and or writing books all links back to monetising your blog; helping you make money.

Kid you not, this is the first time I’ve really sat down to look into lifestyle bloggers and blogs properly and the three topics that are combined into the lifestyle niche as I looked into several other blogs was family, hobbies, motherhood and self-care (which I’ve added to the list at the beginning of this post). I’m picking up that there are so many ways you can play around with the idea of becoming the living lifestyle loca blogger which leaves you space to play with another niche that does well and that is parenting.


As much as you can play around with the content (as I am seeing more in lifestyle so far than any other niche) try and keep your content consistent and close to a few niches. Blogging in too many niches means blogging to no one just like if you’re selling to everyone, you’re selling to no one.

We’ve reached a point in time where people are getting swamped with information and content. Attention span to content is also reducing and especially with Generation Z, it’s the first 8 seconds, and then they move on. The more you blog if you are a first-time blogger, the more you will find that you are naturally inclined to write or put interest in certain areas or topics. Be aware of this as this might be the place where you’re most passionate and the place where you can better serve.

The good thing about a living lifestyle loca blog is that you have so many topics to talk about in comparison to other niches. Reaching a writer’s block will take a long time. If you are a lifestyle blogger reading this last point, please do comment. From what I gather is that say if you’re into beauty and fashion you can only focus on self-care products, makeup and fashion but with having the living lifestyle loca blog you have various angles which you can work from.

I have found another living lifestyle loca blogger adding career as a topic.

Okay, there you go, I hope that this information has sent you right in the direction of living la vida loca with this living lifestyle loca blog post, don’t forget to invite me to come and take a sneak peek when you’re living la vida loca that way I get to do a follow up on this blog post, better yet, come and be a guest blogger for me so you can share your tips with us on how one can become such a great lifestyle blogger. I, for sure, would like to know more.

Alright, bloggers, want to be bloggers and readers over and out and speak to you tomorrow on another very interesting topic.

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