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The lifestyle niche as a home business

Hello, and a warm welcome from myself; your host Mr Mark Ford. If it is your first time visiting my website do take a look at a few more links which I will leave for you during and especially at the end of this post.

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A lifestyle home business doesn’t necessarily have to be about travel or survival. If you’re a stay at home mom or dad and enjoy that there is plenty you can do from the comfort of your own home, especially if you are doing it anyway.

Alright, let’s take a look at the types of lifestyle home businesses you can begin now.

  1. Food (cooking or homeware)
  2. Gardening
  3. Home/Outdoor Décor
  4. Knitting

These are the obvious ones that come to mind, but you can even start a business from home around motherhood, self-care or family.

If you’re good at DIY and really love it, you should consider this. Imagine, how many videos, photos, and slide shows could help even women how to use the drill (especially if they’re single or single mums), and then combine this with Feng Shui, and you could do really well.

Lifestyle is such a broad niche, so you really want to hit it on the nail. Take time to analyse where you can position yourself in this market and look at who your competitors are.

I’ve decided to go into this website. She’s a top lifestyle blogger. Let me tell you what I’ve pulled out. I just did a quick search while writing this article.

I’ll be honest; it’s the first time since I’ve seen a blog like this. It’s got several niches. This blogger has a strong tech team too.

The niches are:

  • Fitness and healthy living
  • Natural beauty
  • Food & Recipes
  • Travel
  • Interior décor
  • Blogging
  • Hobbies (books, swimming)

This is an excellent blog because she did not limit herself. Try and not limit yourself. This will give you a bit more freedom to choose depending on the kind of days you have; be it juggling a family and kids. Looking at this particular blog, I see she has partnered with other companies who are advertising with her, which you will find happening to your business too as it grows.

If you are considering the lifestyle niche as a home business blogger, you can earn anywhere from $19k to $79K a year.

The lifestyle niche as a home business will get you a lot of products to review. The great thing that goes together with product reviews is that you will have a lot of opportunities to become an affiliate marketer, either that or start selling your own products and have an online store where you can have anything from mugs, shirts to gardening products.

You can eventually branch out into writing magazines or books. With having affiliate partnerships, selling products on your website and or writing books all links back to monetising your blog; helping you make money.

Kid you not, this is the first time I’ve really sat down to look into the lifestyle niche as a home business, blogs and ways to combine other aspects into the lifestyle niche; family, hobbies, motherhood and self-care. I’m picking up that there are so many ways you can play around with the idea of the lifestyle niche as a home business which leaves you space to combine it with the parenting niche too.


Through my research, I find that you can play around with the lifestyle niche as a home business a lot more than other home businesses that I’ve come across. Just don’t try and sell to everyone because in real fact you’re selling to no one. So hit your target market straight with what is exactly meant for them.

We’ve reached a point in time where people are getting swamped with information and content. Attention span on content is also reducing, especially with Generation Z. With Generation Z, you have to appeal to them in the first eight seconds, or they move on.

With having the lifestyle niche as a home business, it would take a long time, a very long time for you to run out of content and ideas. There are so many things you can do in comparison to other niches. Reaching a writer’s block or running out of recipes isn’t something you’d need to be worried about anytime soon, especially if you are passionate about positioning your business here.

Alright, bloggers, want to be bloggers and readers over and out and speak to you tomorrow on another very interesting topic.

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