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Skills needed to become a pro blogger

Hello fellow bloggers, want to be bloggers and those keeping yourself up to date on blogging.

Today’s topic is going to be taking you on a challenge which hopefully you’re up for when it comes to your own blog. I challenge you to level up a bit more and show up for yourself just a little bit more than you’re doing right now.

Come on. It’s not a lot to ask. Okay, let’s make a deal. Thirty days? I’m only asking you to take an incy wincy teenie weenie step for thirty days that’s it. Gosh, I thought I was going to start singing again. Do you remember that song from the sixties? Uhm what’s it called again? Yes, it’s itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini. Have a listen

Okay, now let’s see if I can get that song out of my head while I dive into this topic. If you don’t level up to this challenge, I will pull you out to sing itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikini. 😊

The reason why I say thirty days is because it actually does take consistency for several days to form a new habit. Take a look at this article

Okay, ready?

Skills needed to become a pro blogger – Challenge #1 – Take your content writing skills to the next level

Okay, so you’ve been writing now for a while, and I hope you’ve been consistent with your blog posts. You know the key to building a brand isn’t a logo, isn’t what you’re selling or writing, but it’s how you’re making people feel.

Are you talking to your audience and are you tackling subjects that are much harder which you can learn about or are you handling the easy stuff? Are you picking topics that are easy to write about just to get the post out for the day? 

Change the style of your titles, play around with it. Play around with the voice you’ve gotten used to. Sit down and think about the deep-rooted issues that your audience won’t even want to talk about but are keeping in. Why not be the first one to come out with it and have a conversation with them. Look for the topics, dig it out, put yourself in their shoes, feel what they’re feeling and start being the game-changer. List down all the topics that you’re now going to tackle that your competitors are not talking about and sit and watch your ranking rise even more. This exercise would have increased your standard with regards to your copywriting skills, which is much needed for you to become a pro blogger.

Skills needed to become a pro blogger – Challenge #2 – Up your current marketing strategy

By this point, you will already have been syndicating your blog posts, sharing it on different platforms as well as using social media to share.

Look at how you’ve been doing things after you write your articles and do a check on the social media platforms you’re using, your audience, your hashtags, statistics and analysis around tracking (visits, purchases, bounce rates, reviews and comments).

Now that you’ve passed the basic steps and learnt things like finding your avatar, keywords, blog structure, headings, SEO etc. you can take a step back and look at the whole picture. Try and look at the entire picture from a fresh perspective. You can now see how your website has developed and the way it’s growing. You might have found that you’ve gained a new interest since beginning your blog. How do you want to go now? How do you want to be perceived and do you want to be known for something better in your niche? Now that your competitors and others out there have seen your brand name somewhere look at the influencers you want to approach for cross-promotion.

Keep educating yourself on marketing and capture your audience through emotion.

Skills needed to become a pro blogger – Challenge #3 – Make your own media content

Begin to learn basic audio, video and photo editing skills. Did you know that all those articles you’ve written, that you loved writing about has some photos stashed up in your past albums? Have you taken the time to update the blogs you have written thus far and went through your photo albums to make them more interesting? Part of becoming a pro blogger is that with time, you have advanced and learnt many things through networking and working with like-minded people. Going through your articles of the past, reading it and updating the information you have is something a lot of bloggers don’t often keep up with. It’s good to keep updating your articles. With time your perspective could have changed, and maybe you have even found new images from the past that are even more congruent to what you were writing about in your articles. Having powerful and compelling media content will even get you more engagements.

Skills needed to become a pro blogger – Challenge #4 – Hire a team, work smart not hard

Now that you have come so far as a blogger, I’m sure you have many ideas, but you’re wondering how to implement them and when to do it. Time is money as you have to keep maintaining your current income-producing activities and still keep growing your skills. By taking a few steps back to find a good team, train them and develop as an entrepreneur will be a good move. Making that investment will get your business moving like starship enterprise once everyone knows what they’re doing.

A lot of pro bloggers start outsourcing what they don’t enjoy doing, especially if they’ve learnt everything from scratch like tech skills for their website and SEO. As much as you want to keep control of your business, you’re going to have to start delegating tasks and find a way to keep an eye on the numbers; tracking, clicks, sign-ups etc. Delegating tasks allows you to focus on other aspects of the business that you have been thinking about doing for a long time.

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