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Reasons why your ranking has dropped

Okay, so how are you guys doing today? We’re all about discussing ranking lately because let’s face it you’re not playing small. That’s why companies are blogging so that they can get more incoming leads. The only way to get a piece of the pie is to make yourself visible to the public through your efforts; blogging, paid, unpaid marketing and giving value and more value and again, more value.

You’re not doing all this work to optimise your blog posts, syndication, researching and using all your time and effort into blogging to find that your ranking has dropped. I mean can you imagine what it feels like to take your ranking up then suddenly lose organic traffic, revenue and then to top it off, your ranking as well. If you’re new to blogging and if you’re already doing well from blogging, then this is more of a reason why you need to pay attention to this blog post.

You will need to do an analysis into various aspects of your website and blog posts in order to detect the reasons why your ranking has dropped.

Ready guys,

Let’s dive straight in…

Looking at the next couple of points, you will be able to tell if you can now get your website back on track.

Your keywords and content is outdated

You’ve been writing several articles weekly or daily and have been producing new content, but the majority of the content isn’t updated, i.e. the ones that are dating right back to the time you’ve started blogging. Your content isn’t attracting shares and likes, and search engines are lowering your ranking. To not lose traffic you’d need to update the posts. With certain businesses, like the tech industry, a firm would need to keep updating their posts because of the version of applications, software and products that come out where the new characteristics replace the old. In those types of cases, just update the versions on your posts or add comparisons to the latest version if you still believe that the old version has more advantages.

With regards to your keywords, you could be using generic words and are not working on a strategy, hence the reason why your ranking has dropped. The audience’s interest and times have changed since you’ve begun your blog. Keep your knowledge up on the new SEO strategies out there and the latest buzz words that different generations are using.

Algorithms test

When Google test algorithms, there can be a huge shift, you can’t take any action here but wait for Google’s algorithms to be restored. Just keep an eye on the SERP (search engine results page). Google’s updates can mess the rankings up and sometimes your website won’t be restored to its original ranking. The only way you can stay resistant to this is by strengthening your marketing strategy and the way you incorporate your strategy with social media and other channels.

Google performs updates and makes changes according to user behaviours and latest trends. Static content has a lower ranking.

Technical issues

The reasons why your ranking has dropped because of technical issues can be due to the following:

  • Server overload
  • Page speed
  • Redirections

Even if you have an SEO strategy in place, the technical issues can arise from deleting pages or files which affects the way search engines crawl that specific page. Sudden traffic surges can crash your website. The more images, pop-ups, you add to your content, the longer a site takes to load. Page speed is a ranking factor because it affects user experience. Google looks at your page engage rate, and if you have a lot of people coming to your site but leaving this will affect your ranking. You can get this data from your Google search console. Having too much content, tabs with small fonts can confuse your audience, and if they come onto your site, they might feel like they don’t have enough time to find or browse what they’re looking for. Having too much content than what your audience can consume can be a bad thing; hence, why looking into how to design your website and structuring blog posts is vital. The most common reasons why companies rankings has dropped is when they have moved to a new server and redesigned their site. Using 301 redirect

When rebranding and renaming your website, you want to ensure that you’re not going to get penalised with duplicate content. 301 redirect maintains the link from the old site to the new site so that search engines know the content is all under one umbrella.

Your competitors have caught up

You could be doing as much as possible at keeping yourself updated with new SEO strategies or new technologies that’s been helping you with ranking. If your competitors have caught up with you, take a look at their social media accounts and their websites to get a feel of what they might be doing that you’re not doing.


You might not have thought of this as an important reason why your ranking has dropped because it’s so easily overlooked. Your snippet is a short description of what your audience can expect in your article. Meta descriptions help increase your ranking. Don’t duplicate your meta descriptions and include targeted keywords.

You got a penalty

Google has human reviewers to take a look to see if you have any unnatural links, thin content and looks at several factors. Take a look at this article which I posted yesterday which can work alongside this one too. The other reason can be that your site was hacked but not to worry you can recover it. This site can help you to find more information if you have been hacked

I have found this article, which is also very useful.

Tracking is everything, and by tracking and doing an analysis will help your website stay more resistant to getting lower rankings. Keeping yourself updated and whether you’re doing the technicalities of your website yourself or have hired a professional, it’s worth it. Building a brand, working so hard on it and maintaining it through gaining new knowledge can save the image around your brand and the work you have put into it.

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