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Niches that get a lot of traffic and good money

Hello fellow bloggers, want to be bloggers or readers just interested in blogging. Hope you are doing very well.

I thought I’d put this topic down today. Now, I’m not saying you need to go into these niches because you want to make money. I have just researched these niches over time. Maybe one of you reading this article might not even know that the profession that you’re in because of your passion might even be what’s on this list. If so, go for it, but I also thought of writing this article so that you can perhaps find a correlation to making your niche work better for you.

First and foremost, I will put this down as point number one from the niches that get a lot of traffic and good money.

Niches that get a lot of traffic and good money

Follow your passion

There is no other person but you that can really make your blog stand out the way you think it should especially when you’re so passionate about what you’re doing. You know the best way to make your point; to make things inspirational, sassy, boss, motivational, colourful, persuasive and all the ways you see fit when it comes to what you are writing about in your blog is through your passion. Anyone can make their passion into a fashion; passion is what keeps the motivational tank full – quote by T. Dench Patel. There is a very good reason why you’re passionate about something, and that may well be connected to your greater life purpose.


Take a look at these numbers

According to PDSA, there are:

11.1 million cats are pets in the UK
8.9 million pet dogs in the UK
1 million pet rabbits in the UK

If that is just the UK, then what about the rest of the world? This is not even adding all other types of pets people have in their homes.

See why this is one of the niches that get a lot of traffic and good money. Pet owners will buy all sorts of treats and clothes for their pets. Anything from toys, treats, grooming, food, outdoor accessories, and so much more. Then you also have services for pets; dog grooming, dog training etc.

If you currently have a pet, you can take cute photos and videos of them and write your blog posts.

How to make money

This seems to be another big topic from the many niches that get a lot of traffic and good money. Not only are a lot of people looking for ways to make income, but they also looking for ways to manage their money better. That is why so many people are falling for getting rich quick schemes. Normally the bloggers who have already made money through their blogs or other means are the ones dominating this niche, teaching others how to make money.

It also seems to be one of the easiest ways to make money. Successful affiliate marketers often also have blogs and services where they train people on how to make money through an affiliate model.

We live in a society where people have accumulated a lot of debt, and people are looking for personal freedom and financial freedom.

Gadgets and technology

We live in a world where gadgets and technology have taken kids from playing in the streets and being active to using only their fingers with online games. The only exercise you see them doing is using their mouth and their fingers the most, the rest of the body goes to the gym in some cases or used in physical education at school. Drones and cars are some people’s hobbies. See why this is linked with affiliate marketing and making money online?

Beauty treatments

A lot of people are seeking anti-ageing creams, want to have better skin, fewer wrinkles, look more radiant and have smoother skin. There is also the youth who want longer eyelashes, brighter and shinier lipsticks, while others prefer a more natural glow which makeup can help with. Take a look at this article with links to research This market is expected to reach 805.61 billion by 2023.

Health and Fitness

More and more people are becoming vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free food have also been making its way on menus. Healthy eating and having a proper weight is now becoming a lifestyle. Weight loss is a very successful niche where bloggers and those providing services are making six to seven figures in this business. Take a look at this link to see what kind of numbers you’re dealing with here which suggests there is enough for anyone trying in this niche currently.

Personal Development

With a more health-conscious lifestyle as you read above comes with inner wellbeing. There is a massive movement around yoga and meditation. There are a lot of people seeking help with anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and this list can go onto a million other things that people currently face with the pressure and unhappiness they face at certain phases in their lives. Some people don’t look at self-development as a niche but more as an entire industry, because of the different aspects people have to deal with. From niches that get a lot of traffic and good money, this niche allows you to look at more issues and areas when helping people; parenting, languages and can in some way be combined to health and fitness.

Take a look at these articles that will help you see other niches that are not covered in this article. You might find yours in them.

Here’s something else that will interest you. This article is about 1999 profitable weird niche markets.

I thought I’d throw in a video too.

Now, I hope this article confidently allows you to choose your niche, confirms to you the myths you’ve been thinking about blogging and helps you with getting onto your blogging journey. Just take action and follow what your intuition. Listen to what it is telling you as you take one step at a time you will intuitively know what to do next.

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