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Niches help the blogger and people reading the blog become a better version of themselves

Hello fellow bloggers, want to be bloggers, readers of this article and website.

Mr Mark Ford here today,

I am feeling very inspired to write about this topic today because of the work I do daily not only with blogging but with helping people reach their goals. I am also a coach if you go into my profile in detail.

For me to be able to help others, I needed to help myself first. I’ve attracted abundance from changing myself and blogging has allowed me to reflect on how I want to make a dent in this word, heck universe.

I wanted to share with you some of my learnings and how blogging mistakes, questions, doubts, and the whole journey made me a better version of myself along with my followers, friends and family members. I helped become part of their decisions for their niche, and in the end, it was great to see my whole network and you reading this article learning the art of blogging which you would find is a lot more than just writing. You, the blogger, will end up mentoring yourself and will be helping people reading your blog become a better version of themselves.

Ready, get set, go

You will never have all the answers, but you’re constantly learning

You’ve chosen your niche. At first, you have a long list of articles you want to write about, but as you go further in, you’re finding yourself with “the writer’s block”. I found that “the writer’s block” isn’t a block in creative writing but more around the lack of knowledge; what next? This is a block that is telling you to go on the next level, meaning you need to learn more. When you know more, you can write more. How passionate you really are? This is the point when you’re really going to know. It’s easy writing what you know but what you don’t know you have to learn. Maybe more higher-level learnings around your niche is what you were avoiding, but if you want to help people, you’re going to have to educate yourself more to teach it to them. Remember your market might not have time; they might be deciding and reading a seven-minute article where they can get the facts. This is them coming to you. You’re basically meeting them where they’re at. Give them what they came for. Blogging and researching have helped me uncover things about myself that I wouldn’t have ever known if I didn’t bump into the research, challenged a topic that my followers wanted to see on my blog.

Blogging helped me become more authentic and inspired others to live a more authentic life

I came out of working in the courts, before working with the courts, I knew what office life was like. There is a structure when you end up working for someone; most businesses are this way. People behave conservatively at work because of the repercussions behind making mistakes. There is a hierarchy which limits authenticity and encourages fake behaviours that are not aligned to you that surrounds you most of the time. When I started blogging, I opened up to my feelings and emotions more which my followers resonated with. The more I began sharing openly what I thought would help others. I attracted not only the people who were aligned to my mission or cause but those who helped me become a better person. I met professionals who shared tips with me and showed me good blogging and personal habits while I exchanged my best practices with them. Blogging has made me become comfortable with myself and handle better what others might think of me.

Blogging has helped me with my self-development in stages

As I began my blogging journey, I had so many things to learn. Luckily, I already had some experience from the workplace rather than forced into meetings like one would have to do and just swim when you’re new. I had the opportunity to take each step as it came. The journey prepared me slowly so that I was ready to face the next step. If I thought about all these steps and challenges, I had to take on just when I started blogging; I probably would never have even started blogging. The best part is that you eventually take so many risks, think on the spot with making quick decisions, and try new things that it becomes second nature. Before I knew it, I was operating as a true director. I had gained the qualities and skillset without even thinking about it. You know what my biggest hurdle was? I didn’t have tough skin to begin with, and in the end, what bogged me down along the journey made me stronger and more resilient. In the end, you come to terms with the person giving you constructive feedback compared to someone who is coming from judgement and lack of knowledge.

Blogging has helped me become understanding, and open-minded to myself and others

The more I faced challenges along my blogging journey I began to understand that certain people; family, friends and some of my ex-colleagues did mean well in the past, only I wasn’t at that level of getting it. When I started blogging, reading the feedback, researching on my topics and even learning about new topics which my followers asked me to write about, I started to feel more compassion for myself and others. I felt an even bigger reason to help my niche. I gained perspectives quickly than just sitting in a comfortable place. Possibly, that was where I could have been all my life if I didn’t take a risk at choosing the life that I wanted to live or the life that the system dictated for myself and my children.

Blogging has made me more enthusiastic and I wake up feeling excited

Do you remember the days when all the laws said you couldn’t do something before you were eighteen years old? Now can you remember how you felt when you came to age? Got that driving license and ticked that box, then got to getting your own car and ticked that box. Do you remember how it felt to get up and go for a lesson? Now, do you remember how it felt when you could do what you wanted? You were an adult now. I forgot how it felt to become excited to do something because I wasn’t living the life I was meant to live. I thought I was in the right profession only to find out that I was wrong about that too. Doing what I enjoy seemed like a myth until I actually got to do more of it and get paid for it. I have time to do fun activities with my children and still could have a schedule. Time freedom and having the money to do what once wasn’t possible is living your best life.

Here are a few more articles from others who will tell you how blogging made them become a better version of themselves and how their readers benefitted.

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