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Linking your blog to social media?


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Wow! I Mr Mark Ford wondered how did I miss this topic from all the important information I’ve been giving you about blogging? So here we are today talking about this. You must have been wondering about syndication and distribution of your blog posts. Let’s run through linking your blog to social media and all the benefits that come to mind.

Why does every brand need a social media presence?

Every brand needs a social media presence as part of their marketing strategy. This is equally important when you have users who can access your site from tablets and other devices from almost any location in the world.

Instagram has about 1 billion monthly active users alone, Twitter has around 321 million users per month on average, and there are 2.5 billion users on Facebook.

Companies are making a piece of the pie from social media. Linking your blog to social media helps your company to gain exposure, and along with exposure, you get more leads and sales.

Linking your blog to social media helps your company with brand awareness. The advantage a blog plays together with social media is excellent. Why? Not only are you providing quality content, but you’re giving research, teachings, knowledge to your followers, customers, potential customers and readers for nothing on your website. There is no guarantee that they will buy from you the first time they read your blog post, but by using social media to boost the article’s views also shows the audience who the source of the information is. When people can identify your brand just by the image and name, they will want to click on there to read your latest article. Therefore, ensure you’re providing value or else no one will click.

Social media can be used to run competitions and reach the audience quicker through shares. The amount of engagement through giveaways gets a lot of eyes on your brand as well as followers.

This one is a more obvious one. Linking your blog to social media brings more traffic to your website. Along with brand awareness, those who are interested, have seen your brand several times but never clicked to explore your site will eventually do so at some point. The more you market, the more exposure you get and the more noise the market will begin to make about it.

Using social media helps you engage with potential customers, customers, and followers. Linking your blog to social media will allow your audience to be notified quickly with new updates and news regarding your products and services. Anyone In your target market who responds on social media will receive a quick response or even a “customised” response to their feedback. This will help establish your brand’s message.

Linking your blog to social media allows the audience to know more about the brand, and when a brand is linking their blog to social media, it has the opportunity to be transparent and authentic. Customers, potential customers, followers and readers want to see the brand’s personality instead of just being sold to. People buy from who they know, like and trust. Potential customers will buy because of your personality and not from you hiding behind your brand. Showing a fake persona rather than what your brand represents and exactly who you are will become evident over time. You can use videos, posters and humour to humanise your brand and give it that personal touch.

Linking your blog to social media helps with rankings. By making social media part of your SEO strategy, you will boost your rankings as you get more site visits. Potential customers, customers, followers and readers will also share content with others. By having social media icons on your website and having it mobile-friendly helps with quick shares in real-time. By increasing your rankings, you have a higher chance of being found on the internet and with time you can be on the top 10 of the results pages for your niche on google.

By linking your blog to social media, you will be able to create cost-effective campaigns. With sites like Facebook and Instagram, you can get value for a dollar instead of having huge marketing costs. You can reach thousands with a couple of quid which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do without a social media account. Whether you’re a start-up company or medium-sized business, you can set aside small budgets to reach a large audience a little at a time.

Try making adds that educate and entertain. This often catches the audience’s attention and especially Generation Z. Make your ad campaigns short and sweet and put your main message out in the first eight seconds just to hook your audience in.

63% of potential customers are also likely to use companies that have a social media presence.

By linking your blog to social media customers, potential customers, followers and readers can decide if they want to purchase a product or service from the company by looking at the comments that the public has left on social media under the products, blog posts, etc. Consumers purchase by looking at the reviews and feedback to see how reputable the brand is. 71% of consumers who had a positive experience with a brand is likely to recommend it to their friends and family.

Currently, 42% of the population is using social media (3.2 billion users) around the world. With the ad campaigns, you can reach the audience you’re targeting according to gender, age, interests, country, etc. You will also get your analyses in real-time.

So, I hope this helps you to understand what a great impact it is to link your blog to your social media. We live in a time where even newspapers are online and as time goes by, more people are going to be using the internet especially with the digital economy being on the rise.

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