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How to improve your SEO ranking


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You know, I thought this article is going to be great. See after yesterday’s article, which was about how to check your ranking on Google it sparked this topic which I figure would be a good discussion. I am going to tell you all the ways I know how to improve your SEO ranking. Let me know in the comment section what you’re doing currently and what’s working for you.

It’s all good and well to have a website up and running writing blog posts, but the truth is that interaction with your readers, followers and getting revisits to your website is what tells Google that your website is providing value to your audience.

Okay, point number one is the obvious one on how to improve your SEO ranking.


Blogging is an outstanding tool. Many businesses, i.e. small, medium and large, are using blogging as a form of lead generation. In blogging alone, you can use keywords, URLs, title, headings (especially H1) and making your posts readable. Ensure you also have your keywords in the title of the post. Space out your content with header tags so the reader can read your content clearly. Readers will stay on your page when you write quality content, which is relevant and fresh.

Having popular content and keeping things upbeat will get your site more traffic, and visitors will bookmark your website.

Use alt tags

When using videos and images, use the title of the post where you have done your keywords research to describe them. Tags help keep the image in context on search engine crawlers and indexing. Use your keywords wherever possible it’s a one-second job that makes a big difference on how to improve your SEO ranking.

Keep your content updated

To keep your content fresh, you need to keep it relevant. A website is like an online shop that you continuously have to put out there. It’s almost like you have to keep your stock within the expiry date. Your website is like a live entity that is working for you while you are asleep. The more you update your website with frequency the more search engines will come and take a look at it and give it a ranking depending on the content you’ve put. Fresh content increases your authority.

Use videos, images, audio and slideshows

Break your content up and make it interesting by using different multimedia elements. Your readers can maybe understand something which you might be trying to explain by text through images, videos or even a slideshow. This works well if you’re talking about something technical. Demonstrating it on video might be better than explaining it through text. Video is a great way to keep readers on your page, which helps to boost your ranking. Using images, videos and slideshows can reach your audience on an emotional level.

Layout and formatting

Using the font sizes that make your content readable is essential. Ensure the layout of your website and blog has the right font sizes so that readers can digest the information. Using bullet points where necessary, proper structure, sentence construction, spaces between paragraphs, and breaking the content up in sections are small details but helps to improve your SEO ranking so that the audience can understand and gain clarity.

Also, with regards to the site as a whole, it should be easy to navigate. Use interesting colours and make their experience interesting from the minute they come onto your website. This will give a first impression about whether they will enjoy their experience or move straight on. Generation Z is a generation that is all about instant gratification. Keep your target audience in mind when designing your site, layout, writing and presenting your content.

Page load speed

If each page is loading slowly, readers are going to leave the site. Google and other search engines take page load into account in their algorithm for the ranking of a website. You can try a few tricks if your pages are not loading quickly. There are plug-ins available to help speed up the rate at which your page loads. You can use to test your website’s load time. Just put your web address in, and you will get the full statistics on your site. Another one you can use is

Social sharing

This is an excellent way on how to improve your SEO ranking. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms where your market hangs out help drive traffic to your website. Have social sharing icons on your website so that your audience can share your content in one click.

Link your low-ranked content to your high-ranked content

If you’ve written a fantastic article, but it’s not ranking very high. Link that article with an article that is ranking high on your blog. As long as they relate to each other in some way. This should boost views on the article which you’re trying to get views on.

Ensure that your site is optimized on mobile devices

Google penalises websites that are not mobile optimised. More and more people are accessing the net through mobile devices while they’re on the go, i.e. travelling to work and even company executives are researching on their phone for their business.

Provide the appropriate contact details

Having a contact address is important so that your audience can trust you. Having an email address, contact details, phone number, and where you are located is really beneficial, especially when you’re just starting your business. It’s hard in the beginning, but having a point of contact makes the audience feel and trust that you are a legitimate business.

I’m sure there are more ways on how to improve your SEO ranking, but these are the ones that come to mind for me on how to improve your SEO ranking.

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