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How to be a fit fitness blogger


Mark Ford here,

I thought I’ll talk about another niche this time where there is a lot of opportunities to make money. So, are you into fitness? Do you want to become a fitness blogger? Okay, then let me tell you how to be a fit fitness blogger.

Now just like fashion, fitness also has a niche, and did you know how much money is made from the yoga niche? Soooo much because of the growing consciousness around health and wellbeing on our planet. I will see what I can incorporate about Yoga here, but if it’s too much, I might end up making it one article alone.

To be a fit fitness blogger begins with choosing your niche. Now bear in mind that fitness can also fall under wellbeing; weight loss, dieting, wanting to become vegan or vegetarian. Wellbeing can fall under yoga and meditation too. The best niche to choose is the one that you’re already doing physically. This passion will always give you something new to talk about and understand your market; this is how to be a fit fitness blogger if you’re already fit you have a lot of odds on your side.  Wherever there is food, there is fitness so whatever your niche is you will still get readers, if not now then further down the line. At some point, people become health-conscious, or at least I’d like to think so… I’ve also noticed fitness and food blogs talk about diets for athletes.

The type of niche you go into is important as you don’t want to give a wrong tip to the wrong kind of audience. Not all of your blog posts will relate to a bodybuilder, a soccer player or a personal trainer. Some articles can cross, like yoga with meditation. So, the question is, where do you want to position yourself?

Now you can name your blog using your name or give it a business name. If you’re already known and doing well under your name as a professional fitness trainer then you are better off going with your name as your brand. The minute someone bumps into your site, ad, an article they’d know you straight away. If you’re still making your way into this business, you can find a catchy name that represents your niche but do not make it too long. When looking for a name, do ensure that you’re not asking and telling the whole world. The last thing you want is thinking of a name for days until it’s snatched right under your nose.

I dug out the top 15 fitness blogs. Take a look at their blog names below:

  1. Nerd Fitness
  2. Workout Mommy
  3. Fit Bottomed Girls
  4. Blogilates
  5. MyFitnessPal Blog
  6. Life By Daily Burn: Fitness
  7. Powercakes
  8. Summer Tomato
  9. Fitness by Mindbodygreen
  10. Badass Fitness
  11. FitFluential
  12. IDEA Health & Fitness Association
  13. The Lean Green Bean
  14. The Fitnessista
  15. Comeback Momma

The “Why” factor is a huge reason to be a fit fitness blogger, without your why you won’t be a persuasive communicator. Always having your “Why” at the forefront of your blogging is a very compelling reason to be a fit fitness blogger. How to be a fit fitness blogger is just the same as how an athlete, tennis player, soccer player etc. train to become the best player. So, what do they do? They have a training schedule which will not be very difficult for you to set up. Setting up a schedule for your blogging helps you with consistency Mr, Mrs, or Miss fit fitness blogger 😊.

How to be a fit fitness blogger, the recipe

  • You don’t have to feel tied to your niche. You can play around with the content. Take time to think about your content. You can begin with the basics and build upon specific topics like a beginner’s guide to yoga, tennis, golf, soccer etc.
  • In between, you can break up your articles into health goals or building muscle. The good thing is if you’re a Sports’ nutritionist your options are enormous. You can write articles for both female and males especially with the background experience you have gained through your customers (athletes, footballers, rugby players, personal trainers, celebrities etc.)
  • You can play with the idea of weight loss and even have a few blogs posts with recipes. Get people to engage with you and get those people who are following your blog posts and commenting to send you pictures of their progress; before and after especially if they are saying that you have helped them so much. Ask them if they’re okay with you using their pictures on your website and social media platforms to inspire others who are trying to get fit or lose weight.
  • You have so much choice. Maybe some are interested in training their core, others in gaining strength, some want to lose weight but not gain muscles, others are working on strengthening their balance, etc.

Take a look at this site, which is number one from the list of the top 15 fitness blogs.

They offer private coaching, courses, free articles and help people with different goals and health conditions.

To conclude

To be a fit fitness blogger has so many advantages, and there’s a place for you to change so many lives. Think about how you can help adults and kids get their lives on track, help them with forming good habits and a healthy routine. Save someone’s life from a potentially dangerous health issue, help combat depression and help someone build confidence in themselves all overs again.

Hope this article, “How to be a fit fitness blogger,” helps you understand and see how your why can work in a much more profound manner than you have ever imagined so that you can become the fittest fitness blogger out there transforming the lives of so many people.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope that this article has now given you the boost and the confidence you needed to go ahead on your idea to start a fitness blog.

This is your host Mark Ford.

Have a pleasant day, evening, night wherever you are in the world.

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