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How fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money

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So, here we are on a bright new page, talking about fashion again and this time it’s a topic that a lot of people are interested in; how fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money.

Let’s dive into the pool of fashion with all the different swimwear that brands give us to show off in.

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Okay, now hold on, what you’re about to read here is really going to shock you…How fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money…

Maybe you’ve just entered the fashion world with your blogging, or you’ve already been working on it for a year or more. Did you know that bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money through e-commerce using Instagram? Did you know that you can use your blogging content on Instagram and get paid anything from $5000 to $100 000 or more, depending on how many followers you have by just putting one single shot? 

If you have 1000 followers, you are considered an influencer on Instagram. A blogger can be an influencer, and an influencer can be a blogger. If fashion blogging is your passion, trust me, you can leverage this incredibly well through your honesty and authenticity.

Once upon a time, Instagram was a platform for pictures, but it soon became a visual platform that businesses leverage using stories which they link straight to their Shopify or e-commerce stores. With just the right amount of written content and visual images, your brand or the brand that sponsors your post can make tons of money. It’s a win-win. Another way that fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money is by directing their followers through Instagram to their own website so that they don’t lose visitors and retain their following. Why and how?

You’ve built your website over time; you’ve worked so hard to get a position in the market. Now you must retain your hard work as you gain knowledge and better ways to make an income. Your website is where you have your main pieces of content, your affiliate links. So sending traffic to your website is like sending everyone in the street to check out your shop, only, you get to play with the world wide web on the Internet and not on one street, in one area, town, province or country.

A quicker way of how some fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money is by ditching the idea of having a blog or a website. To make it on the web can take so long, and that is why some go straight to social media. People choose this option for many personal reasons; custom-tailored to their opinions, lifestyle and needs. This is why some people jump straight onto Instagram without having a website or a blog. Instagram has 1 billion users every month with 500 million active users daily, so posting content daily, posting product reviews, snaps of you wearing the newest outfit (which by the way might be the one to create a new trend). Jumping straight onto social media without having a blog gets you contracts quickly and you’ll find that you get quicker results over a shorter period of time, this is totally up to you.

How fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money is by doubling the power by interlinking their work on social media (website to social media and social media to the site) to gain traffic, visibility, more leads and make more money. If you have an e-commerce store which you’ve linked followers to come onto through your website, then, bang! That is a powerful connection with every piece of work you’ve been doing on social media. Having a blog makes you a more powerful influencer/blogger. You will have more behind you, proving that you are an expert. The best thing is that you don’t only showcase the brands, but you also showcase your brain and talents in writing content. Just keep doing the work, and you will find that brands will come and look for you. You can bridge your readers and potential customers by using an affiliate link on your website as well.

How fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money is through photography, videos, and selling virtual products. A lot of people who are into professions that require creativity or people in the arts and entertainment industry use Instagram.

Now you really want to know how fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make more money? This one’s a biggie. The modelling world has changed so much that these days, Instagram influencers and bloggers in the fashion industry can go to agents to find work because they’ve become so inundated with work through blogging and using Instagram.

Did you know that fashion bloggers leverage Instagram to make money by selling their pictures to brands and publishers who might licence them? You can use your photos and build a business out of it. You can use your images to print on duvets, pillows, posters, etc.

When you are the brand and worked your way up, you gain traction and attraction from those who want to work with you. When you use the right hashtags from the beginning and work intentionally, you attract the right audience and partners. Using Instagram to leverage your fashion blogging career in becoming an authority or influencer will add more to the know, like and trust factors. The fashion industry or industries where one uses their creative talents, Instagram can be leveraged a tad further.

Simply making your creativity visible will get you leads, more sponsors and of course, more money. 

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