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How blogging changed my life

Hello fellow bloggers or those planning to go on a blogging journey.

Mark Ford here,

Today I want to tell you about how blogging changed my life. I had no idea that I’d come so far with my blogging journey. There is honestly a truly fantastic journey with blogging when you find your authentic voice.

When one chapter of my life closed, I was forced to begin the next. I didn’t know the how, what, when or where. The truth is that I didn’t even look into this until I met a group of mentors who showed me another way out. It was almost like self-therapy when I began telling people my story. It resonated with so many. I welcomed blogging when I had to turn to it, and I never knew that it would end up giving me a brand-new life. The life I deserved when everyone back then at my age was telling themselves a different story and just changing that storyline around blogging was the beginning to how blogging changed my life.

Just opening up to the idea and changing the story that I thought about blogging made me realise that I made tons of excuses. Here’s why.

You know, I could have ended up going from job to job and continued that way all my life. There’s a way that people self-sabotage themselves when they think they’re protecting themselves, but the truth is one way or another if you want to live life on your own terms, you’ll need to take a different road. The road less travelled because you matter. Getting out of the comfort zone or your shell is challenging to everyone in some way. I had to take action and blogging was the option that seemed to make the most sense, no matter how many stories I’ve told myself just to get myself out of it. By cutting the excuses, all the things I was telling myself I couldn’t do, all the buts, and changing my thinking patterns was how blogging changed my life.

Once I passed that step, I quickly came to the next step; more self-doubt. With self-doubt, I had loads of confidence issues. For one to take a different direction in life after one door closes can be a huge knock to one’s confidence, especially if they have been telling themselves the wrong kind of stories when things go wrong. The more I bumped into limited thinking patterns, the more I curiously wanted to untangle them. I was lucky my mentors helped me change more deep-rooted thinking patterns which were standing in the way of me and blogging. Blogging changed my life by showing me that the best opportunity there is to change something I always wanted to change in my life was in this moment (at the time a crisis) so that I could finally make my life the way I wanted to compare to the years I’ve been trying so hard to.

When I started blogging, I became my own person. With going to work in the courts and for those who have corporate jobs, I’m sure you get stuck in the identity that the people you work with give you which ends up making your job more restrictive. You can’t be your authentic self. Blogging has changed my life by giving me freedom to use my voice in areas where the job I’ve studied for years didn’t even give me. Along with that, it has changed my lifestyle. My self-esteem and my confidence went up with the work I’ve put into my blog. No boss could take that from me, and it helps a lot when you become your own boss.

The more financial freedom I had with the way I monetised my blog, the more risks I took even when I was clueless, something I really couldn’t do working for someone else. When one spends more time in a job than at home, it’s hard to find the space to break patterns you need to break out of. Blogging changed my life by helping me become fearless as I took more risks. I became excited about the work I was doing as more opportunities poured in, and I began to see that my true calling is one where I am doing a job that one hundred percent represents who I am, what I can offer in the world, and what I was always good at which I pushed aside for years.

With blogging, I went from one adventure to the next, which also helped me find out new things about myself; new likes and dislikes as I went on new business ventures. One of the most important ways of how blogging changed my life is when I started making friendships. I attracted people with like-minded qualities and mindset and began building a community around my content and through the comments that came through on my blog posts.  

Working for someone I’ve realised that I’ve organised the bosses’ life and managed more load than my own. So when I started blogging, I had to learn that if I wanted to be successful then what I was doing for the boss I had to do for me meaning why was I ready to ensure that someone else had what they needed in the workplace to be organised and why wasn’t I doing that for me? Blogging helped me to see that everything I do for my business is helping me and that I needed to stay on track to get the necessary learnings I needed to keep my business moving forward.

Blogging has changed my life by helping others improve their lives; that is why I’m am helping you through my content by being transparent so that you can see if blogging is really for you or not. You won’t know unless you give it a shot.


How blogging changed my life

Ted talk by Deepak Kanakaraju


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