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Countless ways in which you can use Instagram

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I thought since Instagram is a preferred platform for so many bloggers, this article could be beneficial. If you haven’t chosen a social media platform to help your brand become more visible strategically, hopefully, this article will help you gain further perspective.

Let’s look at the countless ways in which you can use Instagram to be able to maximise your current blogging efforts.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Instagram slide show posts

With this feature on Instagram, you can add up to 10 photos or videos from your albums/library, but the location of your caption can only be one per post. This feature also has a photo and video editing options. The images can be used in any order.  

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Instagram Questions

Instagram put in a new feature in 2018 called Question Sticker to create more engagement with your audience. You can incorporate this in your story but be careful how you use this feature. You can get asked a lot of questions, and you might tire yourself out. This feature is especially useful when you want to have a Q&A with your audience, have a quiz, ask your audience for an opinion on a new product or service, share valuable information through your authority or make new announcements.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – IGTV

IGTV loads videos right up to 1 hour. IGTV is a new feature to Instagram, and you can use it to demonstrate something; if you’re cooking, or perhaps you work as a dance choreographer. Using a video to demonstrate your work is one way you can get more leads. IGTV can also be used to answer numerous questions.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Instagram Stories

Using Instagram stories is powerful, especially when you want to market in real-time. No planning or looking too perfect. Doing a real-time story can be useful and powerful. It shows your audience the truth without any fluff, shows them that you’re just like them and understand where they’re coming from. This feature helps you with authenticity.

With Instagram stories, you can interlink your blogging world to your stories and direct traffic through your stories to your website. Creating this link and providing value on the story to engage your reader, then taking them across to your website where you have affiliate links for them to purchase it is one way to get more targeted traffic and guaranteed sales to and from your website.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Highlights

With Instagram stories, your story disappears in 24 hours. Perhaps the post has done so well that you want to put it up again. You can go back to the post, click on the highlight button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Instagram Ads

This is the most fantastic part of Instagram for me. Firstly, I post my pictures, videos and articles onto my Instagram platform, then I see which posts have really caught the audience’s attention. I then decide how to optimise this as an ad to get more followings, exposure, leads, and the message which I wanted to share.

The best thing with Instagram Ads is that with £12 eight to nine thousand people can see your ad. Insta Ads allows you to set campaigns quickly from your device straight to your target audience by country, age and interest. You can add the link to where you want to direct them too. If it’s straight to your purchase page all the better for you.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – 60- second videos

The 60-second video is pretty good, especially if your audience is Gen Z. Instagram has so many Gen Z users. Gen Z consumes information quickly, and in a couple of seconds, they move on if the page isn’t loading or isn’t interesting. This is a generation that seeks instant gratification. Using images and short 60-second videos is a perfect way to capture Gen Z if that is your target audience. This can also help with real-time marketing to show your audience an event; an important message from your twenty-minute speech or share what your company is doing right now.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Instagram for business

When you have an Instagram for Business account, you can put in your profile, your business hours and it also has a contact button for customers to connect with you directly through that. It’s almost like getting a text message but through the contact button.

Countless ways in which you can use Instagram – Hashtags

This is another very cool feature, indeed. Through Hashtags, you can find your market and see potentially how many people there are in a group. This helps increase the views on your post. You can use up to 30 hashtags in one post. Not only your followers will see your post but your target market via hashtags will get a view of it as well. This will increase your visibility, the know, like and trust factors, generate leads, sales and increase your following.

Images and videos help establish your visual brand identity.  A caption of you in the product needs to be good, if you’re a dancer, embodying your profession through the features Instagram provides to reach your audience. From my experience, Instagram is an easy to use platform when running giveaways, contests and quizzes is a piece of cake.

Instagram is the top social media platform. Now to add more to the countless ways in which you can use Instagram is by monetizing aspects of Instagram through affiliate marketing, selling your photos, selling your Instagram account, create sponsored posts, advertise your company and find a sponsor.

Instagram is a platform that works well with the current times and the way the market is using technology. Generation Z and the generations after are born with the internet being part of their lives. Marketing, like the old days, is no longer applicable. People are looking at their phones while they’re walking and are being marketed online.

Take a look at this article; I think it covers so much more.

I’m sure you have more strategies than what I’ve mentioned in this article up your sleeve. If other ways are not mentioned here; on how to use Instagram, do let us know by leaving us a comment.

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