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Components of a WordPress website


Mark Ford here, hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. I thought this topic is essential when you’re starting a blog or a website from scratch, especially if you’re new at this and not so technical. Whether you’re going to be building your own website or someone is going to do it for you, then this article is definitely for you. I also recommend that you go and have a look at the articles on the blogs of the links I will provide at the bottom of this post so that you’re fully covered.

An about me page or an about page if you’re operating as a business

This component of a WordPress website is important because this represents your brand and values. The about me page or the about page serves as an introduction of the company or about you if you are the brand.

In the about page, write what your company does or what you do. You can write when the company was incorporated and how it was inspired. In the about page you can tell your followers, potential customers, customers and readers about your passion (if this is definitely it) and what makes you passionate about serving this industry.

Having visual images would make it interesting, and if you have a YouTube channel, you can incorporate some of your videos in the about page.

Ensure that your blog is legal

There is a whole article dedicated on this topic alone which I’ll leave a link to. This one is the most important one of all, especially if you’re planning to make money from blogging or have products and services that you’re selling on your website.

You need to be GDPR compliant and need to have permissions setup. You’ll need the following in place on your website.

  • Have a privacy policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Blog terms and conditions
  • Be clear about your affiliate relationships
  • Ensure that the images are either yours or royalty-free images
  • Ensure that you have not copied someone else’s intellectual property and have a copyright symbol on your site
  • Do not slander or libel

Having the above in place protects you and your company from being fined. Here is a full detailed article just on this topic.

Having a contact page

On the contact form, you can have your email address, but a lot of bloggers prefer keeping their privacy. You’ll often find bloggers only have an email address on the contact form.

A contact page is an important component of a WordPress website because it is your window to an incredible world of opportunities and adventure. You never know who is reading your blog, and you never know who out there is going to approach you with an interesting business venture.

Have social media links and integration

You don’t have to have a link to every social media platform. Just link to the social media platforms where your audience hangs out the most. Having too many links for different social media platforms will be hard to maintain, especially when it comes to commenting.

It’s up to you though, there are pros and cons of being on several social media platforms. It’s good to be able to share your content on many different platforms for the sake of marketing, especially if you want to reach as many people as possible so that you can drive traffic to your website.

With the social media links add your social media icons

This is usually very easy to do on WordPress. Your readers, potential customers, customers, and followers can easily follow you by clicking the appropriate button. This is particularly useful for visitors looking at your website from the train, while being driven, in a restaurant with their friends or when they’re mobile. With the way technology works today, people can look you up on the spot, which brings me to the next point.

Have a mobile-friendly site

With the world we live in a lot of traffic comes from mobiles these days. You can choose a theme from thousands on WordPress. Choose a theme that responds on screens of different sizes. Having a mobile-friendly site allows your audience to share information quickly and on the spot through your social media icons linked to your social media pages. A poor mobile site puts people off. Ensure that your site also loads quickly.

Generation Z consumes a lot of information and very quickly. Their attention span is low (8.25 seconds). Take a look at this article.

A commenting system for your blog

This component of a WordPress website is useful for your followers, readers, potential customers and customers to give you feedback. The feedback will be composed of constructive criticism, while some might be more negative feedback. This will help you to draw up better articles and research to help your audience. Feedback will give you insight with the direction your market is going in and not all feedback will be negative. There’ll be times when you can even pat yourself on the back. Look at the feedback you receive almost like a review which will increase your site visits and boost your authority especially if you use it to improve your site. New people on your site will want to read the comments so they can decide if they wish to follow the majority or not.

An opt-in email subscriber

You will not find this one in the blogging laws’ article above, but this too is a very essential component of a WordPress website.

Have an opt-in button where your site visitors can click to opt-in or reject the cookies if they want to. If they’ve opted-in to your newsletter or subscribed onto your email list, there should always be an option for them to unsubscribe.

Ensure that your web hosting service is reliable

Today there are so many web hosting services, so be wise about your final choice of web hosting service. They should be reliable. Having a site that goes down makes the audience looks patient, doesn’t allow you to be consistent and gives a poor image of your brand. When your site does go down, it should be easy to contact them. Ensure that your site loads quickly.

I will drop a video here that will include more components of a WordPress website.

Here are some more articles that will cover more components of a WordPress website.

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