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Blogging doubts


Mark Ford here. I hope you are well today.

You know I was thinking about my own blogging journey. I was plagued with doubts through each step. I wanted to write this article because I wanted to make you see that most of my blogging doubts had nothing to do with whether I could or couldn’t do something. My blogging doubts were all around mindset.

Taking you through aspects of my journey might help you with the doubts you’re having around blogging, and hopefully, you’ll find your answers here. I’ve also drawn from my own journey and experiences in blogging.

Blogging doubts #1 – I don’t have anything to write about

You’re sitting here wondering is blogging really for you and the first thing you’re telling yourself is, “I don’t think I can write; I have no idea what to write about!”

Everyone has something to write about. Can you imagine that just playing on your Xbox can generate loads of visitors if you’re crazy about video games? You can write about anything if you really think about it, even what you’re currently doing (me I’m typing) but you might be cooking, doing DIY, gardening, looking at car engines or going to visit friends.

Let’s take the “going to visit friends” bit like something you enjoy. Think about all the discussions you’ve had with your friends and the topics you’ve agreed or disagreed on. Can you imagine how many people are having those same types of conversations out there? See there are tons of things to speak about if you take a few minutes to sit down, reflect and think. Have a pen and paper with you. Once the ideas come, they won’t stop.

Blogging doubts #2 – It looks difficult to build a website or to run one

The problem here was that I was always getting ahead of myself. I dumped all these questions on me all at once instead of just facing them as I went along. See taking twenty to forty minutes a day learning and implementing how to build a WordPress website, for example. I use WordPress as an example because currently, there are seventy-five million websites on WordPress. So, where was I? Yes, see taking twenty to forty minutes a day learning and implementing how to build a WordPress website was a reasonable amount of time that I could set aside to achieving my goals. I started to break my goals down and looked at the time I had. Rather than going for it all at once, go for it a little at a time.

You can find loads of free information online by typing, how to build a WordPress site? See I typed that question in right now, and I found this from the many results to choose from.

The great thing about learning how to build a website yourself is as you learn, you will get to know your website in and out. The minute something isn’t looking right, you’d know exactly where to make the changes. By the time you learn how to build your own website, you’d be able to manage SEO, tracking, and a lot more on your site. I rarely found people who built websites all the way saying they’re not technical. In fact, they used their skills in areas that were really necessary, like, for example when it came to syndication and getting visitors to the site.

Blogging doubts #3 – Time

Now you’ve looked at the point above and said, “But I don’t have time.” Alright then here is the good news. You don’t need to do what you don’t like yourself. If you’re a company director, then you know how delegating tasks can help you focus on what you want to do the most. You can hire a freelancer for very little money on sites like this one or

Just type in Google’s search engine “Freelancers for website design,” and a whole lot of options are available in the results.

Take a look at this article of mine where I’ve dedicated a whole article on this topic.

Where you have little or more time, be consistent.

Blogging doubts #4 – You have to invest a lot of money

Nope, you don’t have to invest a lot of money. A domain name costs about $15 and hosting around $10 a month give or take. If anything, it’s time that you need to invest in a blog even if you are doing the minimum and outsourcing everything, even the content. You’d need to ensure that your site is operating correctly following blogging laws.

Blogging doubts #5 – Where do I get images or videos from? I don’t have an expensive camera.

We live in a day in age where you can use your own phone to take pictures and videos. Today you don’t need to be well equipped unless you are doing a blog around cameras, videos and photography. You don’t have to be using up your time taking pictures, here are twenty-one places where you can find free photos

Blogging doubts #6 – Self-doubt

Drawing from my journey, I was clueless most of the time. Lucky, when it came to content, I wasn’t clueless but with everything else, yes, very clueless. The truth is that your blogging experience is going to be very different from another person. Those that find the self-belief and motivation to continue are the ones who make it to success.  You will have to accept that you will not know the road to success because you’re the trailblazer on that very road going with your intuition as things unfold…  The only thing a trailblazer has on their road is self-belief by T. Dench Patel

Blogging doubts #7 – How do I know if I’m doing things right?

There is no right way or wrong way. You need to ensure that your blog is following the current blogging laws. If you’re not sure what that is. You can take a look at this article Every blogger doubts at every stage. Even bloggers like, Neil Patel, for example, had to make a few mistakes to get to where he is today. Just do the work, learn where you have to and be consistent with writing quality content. Deliver value and keep in mind that you want to provide a service aligned to your Why and I really hope your number one reason why is NOT only to make money.

To read more articles about blogging, you can visit or or or

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