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Blogging as a hobby


Mark Ford here,

Hope you are all well today. After writing so many articles, I thought let me write the obvious one that often people forget about. There are so many things that bloggers who blog as a hobby overlook.

Hope this article helps you see that the most important aspects of blogging as a hobby when you get bogged down with SEO, technicalities, or when things are not going well.

There are a lot of bloggers who begin blogging as a hobby. Blogging as a hobby can mean time to enjoy writing; if you love writing, it can be journaling, it can be self-help as you help others, or simply something that you enjoy and hope one day you can make a living off it. Once you decide that, here you are; you begin blogging when your child takes a nap or something you do early in the morning before going to work or late evenings when you wind down and do something for you or your life.

If you love writing but haven’t discovered your niche or why you’re on the blogging train, start with what excites you. Create a blog that leaves you space for your creativity and diverse topics. This way, you are not inclined to make it hard for yourself thinking about something that doesn’t come naturally to you. As you go with what comes naturally to you, you might just bump into what your true passion is within your passion.

Blogging as a hobby has a few advantages:

  • When you’re blogging as a hobby, you eventually get so caught up that you don’t even care who is reading it because you love it so much. This is the best thing; you write like no one is reading because you’re too busy having fun.
  • When you’re blogging as a hobby, you have time. You take time to research, analyse, and you know what? You end up asking yourself more questions, hence the research. You’re not blogging in a hurry, trying to make money, or add more quantity. Bloggers who blog as a hobby have more quality in their work because of their subject interest.
  • Blogging as a hobby gets you to move forward at your own pace. The minute you are ready to take your next step, you will have come to the point where you desire to take things forward for the time and effort you’ve made in building your blog. Hobby bloggers don’t even look at their work as effort but more fun. Once you see your hobby is beginning to create a business, you will find yourself doing the necessary work involved in setting your blogging as a hobby into a real business.
  • Blogging as a hobby helps you find your voice. You could be writing for years, but it’s only when you start writing something that people read you become slowly aware of how your tone or style can affect your readers. Finding an authentic voice is what you should stick to, if that is your tone then that is your tone. That’s who you are, and those that resonate with you will stick around.
  • Blogging as a hobby makes you your own editor. You can update your blog when you want.
  • Blogging as a hobby means that you can go on holiday reporting your experiences. By keeping yourself open with your topics, you have the freedom to write what you wish from any part of the world.
  • Blogging as a hobby opens up doors in corners that you never expected. You can work with so many brands from staying in one location or moving around. Having a laptop with all your applications usually does the job, meaning you can travel if you wanted to.
  • Blogging as a hobby makes it easier to socialise or talk business. There isn’t that pressure that comes with preparing for a corporate meeting when you’re working for someone else. Blogging as a hobby makes communication so natural because you simply enjoy doing the work. Chances are you know a lot more about what you’re going to speak because of that.
  • Blogging is a low-cost business; all you have to come with is passion; hence, why hobby bloggers have a better chance of making blogging a full-time job.
  • Blogging as a hobby makes you your own boss opening up opportunities in areas that relate to what you and your blog is about. Now you can add content and creative writing on your CV from every other skill you have gained thus far. Ready, get set and go. Once you’ve created an excellent blog from your hobbies, watch what pours in.
  • Blogging as a hobby has made your blog into an online CV. It’s open to the world. If you want to work with someone who has given you an opportunity through following your blog, it’s because they are in tune with your authentic spirit. What better way to win a job?
  • A blogger who blogs for fun usually hates the admin, the technicalities, but NOT when it comes to seeing the tracking around who visits their site and how many people are reading the blog posts.

Downsides to blogging as a hobby when it comes to stepping up your game

  • You have to depend on outsourcing the technical aspects of your blog because you have been focusing on writing. This is good when you want to keep doing more of what you love, but often the hobby blogger doesn’t step up when they really can take their blog to a whole new level.
  • The hobby blogger doesn’t take much time to monetise their blog when, in real fact, they should because they already have the primary skill which everyone is trying to hone. Doing an extra bit of work on what isn’t your strength can get you looking at things which hold the main key to making money while you’re blogging. Why not kill two birds with one stone?
  • Hobby bloggers continue on the same road until something pushes them to take a look at monetising their blog when they should have done that long time ago.

So, I hope this helped you to move gears on your blogging journey if you’re blogging as a hobby. Take fifteen minutes to teach yourself a new skill that will help you perhaps on the technicalities for you to crack the way to monetise your blog.

Good luck on your blogging journey.

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Mark Ford

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