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Begin a home business in personal development? Here’s why


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So, are you looking to begin a home business in personal development and don’t have enough reasons why or where to start? Don’t fret; I chose this topic because this is another popular niche in terms of home business. The reason why personal development has become so popular is that it started with millennials; millennials are the ones solving today’s problems, but who said you can’t either ;)?

Beginning a home business in personal development can allow you to run your meetings online through any device. You can use tools like Skype or Zoom video conferencing to coach your clients. Now that we got that out of the way, I want to now kickstart you with a few ideas that will come automatically to you and your niche in personal development after you read what I’ve researched below.

This is what women are saying:

Being a modern woman in 2019

  1. Women are still vulnerable in many ways.
  2. Women are still the least paid.
  3. The demands of motherhood haven’t changed.
  4. The demands of life haven’t changed for working moms.
  5. The demands of gender assigned roles haven’t changed.

This is what this article says.

Being a woman in 2019

  1. Freedom
  2. Dating
  3. Jobs
  4. Physical Expression
  5. Human Equality
  6. Choice of Motherhood

Is what this article says.

Another article says:

  1. Today women have a voice.
  2. Women can be fearless.
  3. The world recognises women.

This is what men are saying:

  1. Everyone expects a certain stoicism and for us to act manly.
  2. Men’s biggest problems is men.
  3. To a lot of people, I’m the reason for so many ills in the world today.
  4. Men are always bringing each other down. Women raise each other up. (ooo man I don’t know whose worse on this point).
  5. The hardest thing about being a man today is the absence of the archetypal hero.
  6. The idea that only women can suffer problems is wrong.
  7. I find it hard to express my feelings because it makes me sound weak.
  8. I’ve been subjected to sexism in the workplace that if it was on the other foot would get me fired.
  9. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
  10. The Gary Cooper strong, silent type. This is what society tells men to be.
  11. Inequality.
  12. Is this just mindless, overthinking man compensation?
  13. You have to pay for everything.
  14. You have to apologise for who you are.
  15. Men are depicted as lazy fools in advertising.
  16. Not being a sporty type is a curse.
  17. Mother knows best father is a pest.

All of the above according to this article.

Some of it I myself wasn’t even aware of.

I learnt a lot from this one article titled, “What do you think it means to be a man in 2019?

What I was trying to demonstrate to you is that there are tons of things in personal development that people need help with; irrelevant of sexual orientation. There are tons of things that people need help with in the workplace, i.e. stress, anxiety, balancing their relationships, especially if they are running a company. There is so much to blog about in this arena.

Jump onto the millennial train without even being a millennial, especially if you know and want to help people with regards to personal development. Use your own challenges or even reflections of your past experiences to help them.

Another way you can begin a home business in personal development is by blogging. Here’s why and how. A lot of people are using technology with self-development/ personal development not only in business but in fitness. Think about it. Your new phone that comes with the fitness band helps people living a fast-paced life which also acts as a watch. Now, does it work or not? I’m not entirely sure. The top self-development/personal development blogger is a millennial. This is the website of Leo Babauta, and his blog is about implementing good habits in daily life. He also wrote a large number of books and has several training courses. I believe Leo Babauta gets roughly two million visits a month.

Maybe you’re a fitness trainer full-time and are looking to begin your own home business venture starting with a part-time commitment. You can blend fitness training to personal development, i.e. eating the right foods and exercise patterns for building willpower and focus.

See, even successful people can turn to you for assistance. Take a look at this article about how Dean Graziosi was feeling and what he had faced.

Are you a qualified psychologist/therapist? Begin a home business in personal development? Here’s why. Have your office in your home instead and still have time for family. For the purpose of those reading this article, psychologists/therapists bridge into personal development too. If you haven’t heard of this woman then check her out, she is Esther Perel. Through her work, she wanted to explore the need for security and the need for freedom in human relationships. A lot of celebrities have turned to her to seek help.

Here’s another blog, second to Leo Babauta.

James uses scientific and historical evidence to back up his work.

With a personal development blog, you cannot hide, you are the brand. When I think of Tony Robbins, I think of his story and how he started. If you are going to lead, you have to have self-confidence and a personality. People are looking for a leader and someone to show them the way. They want to know how you do it.

Personal development can be such a broad subject so, getting clear about your niche is fundamental and without further ado, I want to leave you with this inspiring video.

Video by Christine Greig

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