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Discover Some of the Best Advantages of Blogging – There Are Many That Should Not Be Overlooked – Read On To Learn More…

Mark Ford founder of your blog content
Mark Ford

Do you feel that it’s hard work to create blogs for your followers and it’s not worth it? Yes Mark, I do! Well, stop because many do. However, do not overlook the advantages of blogging because there are many reasons why you should blog.

In this article Mark Ford explores with you some of the top 11 reasons why you should blog and the advantages of doing so.

The Advantages of Blogging

The top 11 reasons why you should blog and the advantages of doing so!

Advantages of Blogging 1 – Create a brand that you’re passionate about.

A lot of people downplay the advantages of blogging but think about it for a second. Blogging can be used in any business, and if you know your trade like the back of your hand, then you should be sharing this with people.

A passion-driven company attracts customers who believe in you because you are the authority in your field. The advantages of blogging on a website doesn’t only give readers value, but people may automatically buy from you because of the value you are providing to them. Your followers come to know, like and trust you and, like you, love the brand that you represent.

Advantages of Blogging 2 – If you’re going to write anyway, then you might as well become skilful at it.

While you are building your brand, one of the advantages of blogging on a website is that it helps you better your writing skills, which will help you across your whole business and not just blogging on a website.

Not only are you blogging, but you are training yourself subconsciously which will come through on your emails, on verbal conversations, personal and professional meetings, speeches etc. By taking this challenge on, you are not only learning, but you’re doing what you’re learning, and you’re teaching it through the value you’re giving on your blog.

Advantages of Blogging 3 – Confidence in Communication.

At first, when you start blogging, you will need to research and learn about keywords, topics, and about writing for your audience. This is especially the case if it isn’t part of your strengths.

As mentioned in the point above that the advantages of blogging on a website in building your brand goes far beyond just making a sale. You are training the expert in you who might be really passionate about what you do, be it building something physically that when blogging you’re training subconsciously the language you are using. Your strengths might lie in physically creating a product or working on applications on your computer, but it’s actually when you have to start speaking to people that you’d notice how blogging has subconsciously worked on your communication skills. The more you teach yourself how to communicate via a blog, an email, speeches, meetings and training, you will feel more confident each time. You don’t have to sell you’ve merely sold something by giving value. Confidence plays a significant part in that.

Advantages of Blogging 4 – It Helps You Become Responsible and Organised.

This is one of the advantages of blogging that many overlook. You might be responsible at what you’re currently doing for your business and overlook that once you’ve become devoted to putting your blog on your website, it’s your responsibility to organise yourself around it. If you’re dedicated to putting two posts a week then you are responsible for maintaining that level of organisation around everything else you are doing. You’ve increased, managed and learnt to take on a new responsibility.

Advantages of Blogging 5 – Staying Current

As you build your brand around your passion, the advantages of blogging gives you the opportunity to research new trends. Perhaps what you’ve been using or doing in your business is no longer useful, applicable in today’s times or maybe you’ve found something through researching about the topics that your readers and yourself could benefit with that could save you and them a whole lot work and time.

Advantages of Blogging 6 – Increase Variety – sales of your products and services by making an educated decision.

The enormous advantages of blogging on a website where you have all your products and services keep everything congruent with the value, knowledge and the products you write about in your blog through your research. Not only do you write about them but you can link people to the products that you’re talking about and why that specific product and its specification is better to use compared to another product that most people in the community or in that profession thinks it’s useful. Your educated decision points out that because one successful person made that a trend it’s not useful on more important things.

Advantages of Blogging 7 – Opening new doors.

One of the advantages of blogging is that many people will contact you and your brand has a high possibility to be discovered by people whom you had no idea you’ve helped on such a significant level. Perhaps one of your readers has invented something by being a follower on your blog and has been researching on creating a product where one of your blogs have generated a lot of comments; readers telling you the problems they’re having and giving you feedback.

Advantages of Blogging 8 – Meeting like-minded individuals.

Through your business, meetings, emails, speeches and blogs you’ll be contacted by individuals and will keep hearing from specific individuals whom you’ll automatically be drawn to. As your business grows, you grow along with it and like anything; you’d grow out of something into something else. The advantages of blogging on a website brings you closer to what you want rather than what you don’t want. Meeting like-minded individuals help you grow and become aware of the vast sources of knowledge that you were once unaware of. You’ve put yourself out there and now wait and see what comes back from all the dedication, responsibility and value you’ve provided.

Advantages of Blogging 9 – Through value, your brand becomes credible (You are your brand).

Not everyone will like you, and before being presented to a new opportunity, people would research about you, your brand, your products, services and even be reading your blog. Your brand has become an online CV made available to the public. By reading the comments people left, about you and your responses you have without the intention become famously credible that out there just by saying the name of your brand, people would know who you are.

Advantages of Blogging 10 – Time freedom and money freedom.

The advantages of blogging brings you to this greatest desire and the reason why people want to blog. You might find that as you’ve grown your business, you want to spend more time taking your business forward and that you can’t manage the small details. Perhaps blogging has now become a strength along with the company and contacts you have made. You have now decided that it’s finally time to do what you love most through your business which you couldn’t do as you were in the front end. Your decision to stay on the backend of things has got you to a position where you can now empower others, which brings you to the next point. You will have time to work on causes or the things you perhaps wanted to work on for years.

Advantages of Blogging 11 – Help others through employment and education.

This is a great place to be, and by building your brand step by step using organic methods like blogging has brought tremendous value and credibility that others would want to work for you. You have the opportunity to help others, empower them and see skills in them which they otherwise wouldn’t have known.

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Mark Ford founder of your blog content

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