Uncover the ‘REAL facts behind building Profitable Blogs for your Home Business!

Packed full of of the latest blogging strategies, tips and useful insights into how to leverage your blog to maximize your sites earning potential.

You’ll learn why some blogs succeed while others fail.

Top Blogging Tips Home Business Owners Are Using To Build A Profitable Business On A Low Budget!



The Your Blog Content eBook was created for the home business owner wanting to generate traffic to their website using free or low cost marketing techniques. Ideal for startups where finances are often limited and for people with a limited budget. Build from the ground up on a low budget!

Read on to learn more and discover the further blogging products I am also making available with my compliments!

The Your Blog Content eBook


Brought to you by Mark Ford founder of Your Blog Content.com and author of the Your Blog Content eBook.

Let me introduce myself, I am Mark Ford, Home Business Lifestyle and Blogging Coach. Loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace.

Many people live the life they think they have to live. They are overworked, underpaid, and unfulfilled. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. My goal is to help you recognize your potential and equip you with the skills you need to turn that potential into a viable online home business in the digital economy.

Learning about how to use blogging in my home business has helped me live a lifestyle of choice where I can work wherever and whenever I choose where there is an internet connection. This could be you too!

I coach home business owners on how to build their home businesses online using free or low cost marketing methods like blogging. Many of my students have ask me "What is the Secret to My Blogging Success?" and for that reason I have been inspired to put together this blogging ebook "Your Blog Content" revealing the exact same tips and strategies that have enabled me to experience consistent five figure months from blogging anywhere up to $23,899.25 in the one month with a follow up month taking this to well over $30,000 in affiliate commissions (verifiable!)

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Interviewed By Laptop Lifestyle Expert, Fiona Scott

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    Why Are You Here?


    In this Ebook You Will Discover...

    • Introduction

      Your Blog Content has been written to show you how you can create a healthy six figure income from having your own blog.

      Digital media has helped blogs become a part of our culture and the book will show you the benefits of having your own business blog.

    • WordPress

      Discover how WordPress has changed from at first being a platform for low quality providers into a platform that only legitimate high quality content providers are able to exchange their content for cash.

      WordPress is the platform of choice for home business owners and it enables you to create stunning professional looking websites.

    • What Is A Blog

      Blogs are active fluid things that allow individuals and businesses to get their message out there to their readerships.

      It is a vital element to any home business to build an online presence. Also discover how a blog can be a lead and cash magnet.

    • Digital Business Lounge

      Here I will introduce you to the Digital Business Lounge which I personally use to run many of my home business lifestyle blogs.

      The Digital Business Lounge is an integrated suite of tools and resources which you can use to run your entire internet business from.

    • Blog Structure

      Having the right blog structure is vitally important and within this chapter I will lay out the correct structure you need to follow in order to make your blog posts as powerful as they can be.

      Also I will show you the complete A-Z of how to set up your WordPress blog and I will reveal to you instant optimization tactics.

    • How to Monetize Your Blog

      Now that your have set up your blog I will show you multiple ways on how to monetize your blog which will help you to generate a healthy six figure income.

      There are six ways to monetize your blog and I will also provide you with a bloggers checklist to help you generate high profit blogs.

    • The Basics Of Blogging

      Blogging allows you to promote your business and gives you a platform to tell your story.

      Here you will find out how to write your blogs for your customer and how to solve the problems that your customer has.

    • The Benefits Of Blogging

      Within this chapter you will find out all the benefits of blogging including how to humanize your brand, how it is the most cost effective way, especially if you have no marketing budget,  to attract customers to your business and how it provides a platform to communicate with your customers.

    • Blog Syndication

      In this chapter you will find out how to syndicate your blog content so that it reaches the people who are looking for your message.

      Without syndication then you will reach no one so here I will show you how.


    Your Blog Content eBook Bonus 1 - Keyword Goldmine

    • Discover How To Use Keywords On Your Blog?

    Keyword Goldmine Video Series!

    What's Inside?

    your blog content pencil iconWhat Are Keywords

    your blog content pencil iconLong Tail Keywords

    your blog content pencil iconKeyword Tools

    your blog content pencil iconLatent Semantic Indexing Explained!

    your blog content pencil iconKeywords and Marketing

    your blog content pencil iconKeyword Mistakes

    your blog content pencil iconKeywords and Pay Per Click Advertising

    your blog content pencil iconLots more…

    Totally Complimentary When You Get Your Copy of the Your Blog Content eBook Today!

    Your Blog Content eBook Bonus 2 - How To Create Blog Content Quickly

    • How To Create Blog Content Quickly

      What To Do When You Need A Lot of Quality Blog Content Created In A Short Amount of Time!

      create blog content quicklyQuality content for your blog used to take forever to create… it doesn’t have to take you very long when you learn how to save time and create blog content quickly.

      With this blog content creation eBook you will discover some amazing techniques every online marketer should know about creating a ton of quality content quickly.

      Create tons of quality content for your blog in no time with this simple to use system!

      Inside You’ll Discover Powerful And Proven Techniques Which Include These Valuable Content Creation Lessons:

      your blog content pencil icon

      How To Choose A Good Freelancer And Avoid The Bad Ones!

      your blog content pencil iconThe Pros And Cons Of Freelancers And How You Can Save Money By Avoiding It.

      your blog content pencil iconHow To Write More Effectively And Ultimately Faster If You Are A Do-It-Yourself Type.

      your blog content pencil iconHow To Use Online Tools For Developing Ideas In Record Times.

      your blog content pencil iconThe Power Of Google And How You Can Dramatically Increase Your Efficiency With It!

      This is just a sampling of the amazing information contained in this valuable eBook. Only “How To Create Your Blog Content Quickly!” contains everything you must know to start creating massive amounts of great written blog content in record times.

      If you want to pump out quality articles for your blog, advertising copy, eBooks and video content then look no further… this content blog creation system will help you learn how.

      Yours today at no cost as a complimentary bonus product when you order the Your Blog Content eBook.

    Your Blog Content eBook Bonus 3 - How To Monetize Your Blog

    • Monetize Your Blog

    How To Monetize Your Blog!

    Top 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog Content!

    This short report will give you a brief overview of the top ten ways that you can make money from your blog. Not all of the methods will be right for you and thats okay. Read through all ten, make notes, and choose one or two to start with. Then you can add on additional methods until you are well on your way to making money from your very own business blog.

    Totally Complimentary When You Get Your Copy of the Your Blog Content eBook Today!

    Your Blog Content eBook Surprise Bonus 4

    • A Surprise Bonus Awaits You!

      Mark Ford your blog content
      Mark Ford

      Yes, that’s right when you purchase the Your Blog Content eBook, and also receive the 3 bonus products that I have mentioned above, I will also make available to you a surprise bonus.

      What is that Mark Ford? – a good question but if I were to tell you now it would not be a surprise!

      It is, however, ready and waiting for you when you order the Your Blog Content eBook package.

    What Business Owners Are Saying About Mark Ford?

    G.Balfas - Internet Marketer and Actor:

    I just signed up. Why didn't I pay $97 for this blogging eBook??? It's brilliant. Nice images with expert help on how to get started making your own income. The user experience is high and makes me want to get back writing again.

    Gil Balfas
    Gil Balfas GilBalfas.com

    Laurence James - Affiliate Marketer - Your Future Is In Your Hands:

    A fun and very worthwhile afternoon and evening spent with Mark Ford. A genuinely likeable individual. Thank you for taking the time to spend your time with us and for all the encouragement and for sharing your knowledge. Mark truly espouses the spirit of mentorship.

    Laurence James in South Africa with Mark Ford - February 2016.

    Laurence James
    Laurence James Free Will Future.com

    Nicole Brodie - Wealth, Health and Happiness Coaching:

    Nicole Brodie
    Nicole Brodie NicoleBrodie.com

    Pete Harris - Digital Marketer and Home Business Coach:

    I would just like to thank Mark Ford for the two days training that I spent with him one on one. It was very intensive and very productive. Mark Ford has made things a lot clearer for me in the setting up of my home business.

    I thoroughly recommend Mark Ford's training. Thank you Mark for all your ongoing help and support. It is much appreciated.

    Pete Harris
    Pete Harris Pete Harris Marketing.com

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    If you honestly cannot use the information I share with you within the Your Blog Content eBook and bonus products to improve your business, then I want you to ask for a refund.

    If you take action and apply the strategies I share with you then there is no reason why you wouldn’t see an improvement in your skill levels around blogging, monetizing your blog and writing ability.

    The information that is shared within the eBooks and video modules is extremely powerful and easy to use. If you take action success will actually be easier than failure!

    If you follow every tip and guide in these educational trainings then you’ll be writing and running your business more efficiently than ever before!

    However, if you are not entirely satisfied contact Mark Ford within 30 days of purchase and a refund will be arranged immediately.

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    Mark Ford your blog content

    I wish you every success with your blogging as you run your business from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

    Home Business Lifestyle and Blogging Coaching with Mark Ford, loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace.

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