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Mark Ford discusses further blogging on Squarespace as a blogging platform.

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Blogging on Squarespace is one of many options in the web/blog builder market with an increase in web apps currently available that enable you to make a great website, including Bigcommerce, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, Wix and many more. See yesterdays blog for a write up on more blogging sites.

In this review I will provide you with a brief overview of Blogging on Squarespace and what you can gain as a Blogger. Squarespace have been up and running since 2004 and may well offer all you need for your Blog or Website and hopefully you can make your choice after reading this blog.

Blogging On Squarespace is something many website and blog owners are starting to look at right now. The Squarespace homepage looks great and encourages you to explore further. Blogging On Squarespace just got better because version 7 includes a live content editor as well as a cover page builder and Google Apps for Work, not to mention access to Getty high quality images.

Squarespace is great for creating blogs, websites, online stores and landing pages and is getting better all the time with their evolutionary development and regular updates.

Squarespace offer a free 14 day trial and many advantages to beat the competition and are very close to WordPress in functionality, offering great image based templates that also allow you to use your own images, but you really need to know what you are doing here.

They also offer responsive web-design as a result of the increase in viewing from mobile and other devices, putting you in an excellent marketing position.

squarespace review
Mark Ford, blogging coach, discusses Squarespace as a blogging platform.

Blogging On Squarespace – Squarespace Search Engine Optimization

Squarespace search engine optimization offers customisable page titles and URLs, descriptive text and re-directs to ensure that you appear at the top of the search engine lists.

Squarespace version 7 brings a much improved functionality that enables you to build your website in double quick time, and includes video backgrounds, although it can take some time to be completely confident and totally familiar with the interface and this is all backed up with some excellent tutorials that cover the basics and more.

Blogging on Squarespace – Pricing

There are several plans that cater for your every need, including Personal which allows a one product sale and Business plans that provides unlimited pages and allow complete control of your website. The plans and latest prices are shown here with the website providing more detailed information about exactly what you get for the price.

Blogging on Squarespace – Unlimited!

Blogging on Squarespace allows you to have as many individual blogs as you want on your main blog and you can categorise and tag them to enable your readers to focus on their particular interest.

Blogging functionality itself is great although there is an SEO issue because there are no built in SEO checking tools so you have to run your blog through SEO checking software independently to ensure the SEO ranking is good. Squarespace is very reliable, and definitely worth using, although the page load speed needs to increase and the development team are continually working to improve load speed and a few other issues.

If you wish to search for other options Wix is worth checking-out as they have great designs and flexibility and are gaining popularity with Bloggers rapidly. Other options are shown here.

Closing remarks

My name is Mark Ford and as a prolific blogger for many years I can also offer you guidance, mentorship and training in relation to blogging. You can connect with me over at the contact page.

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I wish you every success in running your blog!

Mark Ford your blog content

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Mark Ford

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