Mark Ford Shares A Selection Of Blogging Essentials That Will Create Your Ideal Blog Structure And When Combined With Great Content Will Totally Engage Your Audience!

Mark Ford your blog content

Mark Ford

When you include these blogging essentials in the construction of your blog and combine them with great content your audience will be totally engaged.

This is not rocket science, it is blogging essentials and when implemented all of these blogging essentials will have a positive impact on your blog when you include them.

Check Out These Blogging Essentials For Your Blog!

Catchy name: Make sure your blog has a short, catchy name that is easy for your readers to remember and they will keep visiting.

Theme: the first thing to do is to ensure that you have chosen a great blogging theme for your blog so that it stands out and looks better than the competition.

You can change your theme even if you have written a number of blogs already, although they may look a little different when the new theme is applied. You can access some themes online free of charge and others blogging themes will incur a cost.

Good looking blog: It is very important that your blog looks good and this is where your eye for design comes is. Make sure you choose a large font for your text, at least 12 point that is easy to read. I prefer a sans-serif font such as Arial, as readers will soon click away if you present a modern script-based font that is difficult to read.

How To Create A Great Headline!

Great headline: ensure that your blog has a great headline either by creating it yourself or by using one of the online blog headline generators. Your headline is the doorway to your blog and if it is a bad one, no one will open the door to read the content.

No clutter: Do not clutter up any of your pages, ensure that sidebar content is up-to-date and minimal, minimalism is best in the modern age of blogging.

Blogging Essentials
Blogging Essentials

Keywords: Research your niche keywords and base your blog around them, not the other way round, and you will create an SEO rich blog.

The variety of quality content type: Ensure that your content is varied to keep variety and interest for all your regular visitors and use guest bloggers to add a further range of interest.

Blog Comments Build Relationships!

Encourage blog comments: As this will build relationships with your readers and bring them back to your blog time and time again.

Social Media: Use social media as a method of communication with your readers and ensure you have the relevant social media pages set up to gather in your demographic from these areas.

Use pictures in your blogs: this can include images relevant to the blog that will break up the text, a regular blog image slide and a clickable image that carries all your contact details at the end of the blog. Ensure the images are you own or copyright free.

Plugins: if your blog is WordPress-based there a number of useful plugins that you can add to your site to prevent spam, security breaches and much more and I will cover these in a separate blog in due course.

Produce regular high-quality content: on a daily basis produce content to keep your blog fresh and get your readers clamouring for more.

Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly!

Mobile friendly: ensure that your blog is mobile friendly so that your content is easy to read on any device.

Honesty and Integrity: It goes without saying that you should always be honest in what you write and blog about. Show your integrity with your readers and customers and they will come back to you. If there is just a sniff of something not right in these areas your readers and customers will disappear in droves.

Great products for good prices: not reasonable products at high prices or your customers will not materialise. Give good value for money with your products and you can ensure that your customers will be happy.

Monitor your results and readability: see which posts are creating the most interest and re-purpose them providing more quality and value for your readers.

Blogging Essentials – Concluding Remarks

To conclude, these blogging essentials have been brought to you by Mark Ford, a home business owner who is living the home business lifestyle, and who has been blogging for many years.

He can provide you with advice, guidance, mentorship and training to take your blogging to the next level. Mark Ford is also a prolific and experienced blogger who writes blogging and home business articles every day.

Mark can offer you advice, guidance and training in relation to blogging that will enable you to create a home business and live a new lifestyle. This may well be something that you have not considered.

Mark will provide you with information that will show you the next part of your story and give you a picture of your potential future. Contact me at this link for more information.

I wish you every success in running your blog!

Mark Ford your blog content

Home Business Lifestyle and Blogging Coaching with Mark Ford.

Loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace.


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Mark Ford
Mark Ford

Mark Ford is a home business lifestyle coach and prolific blogger who has worked from home for over 20 years. Blogging is one way to drive traffic to your websites which in turn helps you to generate customers and subscribers for your home business. This is something Mark Ford has done successfully and he now teaches others how to do the same. My why is... "Loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace".

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