Happy New Year 2017

happy new year 2017

Wishing all our Your Blog Content Website Visitors and Blog Followers a Happy New Year in 2017 I wish you every success in running your blog in 2017! Home Business Lifestyle and Blogging Coaching with Mark Ford. Loyally stepping up for others SO THAT they are given inner peace. Mark Ford – Happy New Year 2017 –…

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Blogging Internships

blogging internships

What Are Blogging Internships And Why Do You Need Them? Blogging Internships are becoming more and more popular with blogging being a major communication and marketing tool in the digital age. Employers see experience as crucial when selecting new team members and a blogging internship is the perfect way for bloggers to gain that experience…

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Blogging on Squarespace

squarespace review

Many Bloggers Love Blogging On Squarespace Mark Ford discusses further blogging on Squarespace as a blogging platform. Blogging on Squarespace is one of many options in the web/blog builder market with an increase in web apps currently available that enable you to make a great website, including Bigcommerce, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, Wix and many more. See…

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Best Free Blogging Sites

best blog platform

What Everybody Ought To Know About Best Free Blogging Sites! Are you looking for the best free blogging sites to enable you to locate a reliable blogging platform that is easy to use and will catapult your blog onto page one of Google? My name is Mark Ford and I am a prolific blogger with…

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Blogging Questions

blogging questions

Your 8 Most Common Blogging Questions Answered By Mark Ford! An article setting out the answers to blogging questions typically asked of Mark Ford, home business lifestyle and blogging coach. It is important that your blogging questions are answered to enable you to move forward in your digital life, whether you are a home business…

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Blogging Structure

blog structure

Blogging Structure Is Important If You Are To Have A Successful Blog! Your blogging structure is the key to writing superb blogs that will provide maximum traction and minimize readers leaving your blog before digesting your content. If your intention is to blog for leads then the way you structure your blog posts will also help…

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Blog Name Ideas

blog name ideas

Make Your Blog Name Ideas A Reality And Not An Idea In Your Head! As an experienced home business coach I have created many blogs and websites and it is important that you come up with good blog name ideas or your audience just may not show up. Because of my experience I have created my…

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Blog Name Generator

blog name generator

Blog Name Generator – why do you need a Blog Name and why would you need a Blog Name Generator? Good question, so why do you need a blog name and why would you need a Blog Name Generator and which one should you choose for your business? In relation to the blog name the first…

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Keyword Research For Blog Posts

keyword research for blog posts

How To Do Keyword Research For Blog Posts Keyword research is a vital part of your blogging business and you may be wondering how to do keyword research for blog posts. Here at Your Blog Content we follow a simple process which I will illustrate throughout this post. When looking at keywords there are a…

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Blogging Niches

blogging niches

Blogging Niches Are Your Key To Success! – Why? So what are blogging niches and why are they the key to your success? – Good question. A blogging niche is the main theme that all your blog posts are written about and although the theme can be quite broad, each piece of blog content will…

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