Blog Name Generator – why do you need a Blog Name and why would you need a Blog Name Generator?

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Good question, so why do you need a blog name and why would you need a Blog Name Generator and which one should you choose for your business?

In relation to the blog name the first question you must ask is what is your blog name going to represent to your readers?

> What is the subject of your content? > Who are your readers? > What is the object of your blog? > How will you tie your blog name to your brand ?

Your blog name should harmonise with your content and match the style you wish to convey to your readers.

Blog Name Generator Tips

Here are several methods you can use to come up with a great blog name.

  • Alliteration: Making sure all the words in your name start with the same letter, such as ‘Best Bloggers’ or ‘Awesome Athletes’ to make the name catchy and easy to remember.
  • Foreign Language: Check out some of the words in other languages, you can use Google Translate to do this for you and interesting words will appear, and try to keep it short and not too complex.
  • Fun Names: Use a Fun Name for your blog and this will create interest and create fun and laughter for your visitors and this is a great tonic for all.
  • Google: Search Google for Blogs, checking out other blog names as this will provide you with a good idea of what is out there.
  • Personalised To You: By that I mean make sure your blogs are attributed to you and you can even use your own name as your blog title.
  • Read Books: Books are always full of interesting words and will provide you with the inspiration that you need.
  • Short: Keep the name short as it will be easier to remember and will be picked more easily by search engines.
  • Thesaurus: Check out a good thesaurus as you are guaranteed to find interesting new words and can provide you with inspiration.
  • Word Generators: Use a creative word generator that provides suggestions for words as well as showing if the .com name is already registered.
  • Word Play: Often you will find words that are already being used, make slight adjustments, you can even use Business name generator Panabee to help you with this.
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Blog Name Generator

The focus in this blog is on a Blog Name Generator so which Blog Name Generator can you use?

Blog Name Generator – The Choices

Here are 6 Blog Name Generators that I would recommend you try out:

1. Domains Bot has a very easy to use interface and refining of your initial search is enabled by selecting synonyms. When you click to purchase you are sent to a list of possible registration providers. Here is the link to their website:

2. Lean Domain Search is another creative naming tool for your website or blog that is available and will generate names based on the words you enter in the domain search field.

3. Nameboy is URL, company name and website name generator, using primary and secondary keywords and is fast and simple, although it does use a cached database and as a consequence the name created has sometimes already been taken.

4. Name Mesh is another creative naming tool and on completing the search will show domains available with a green marker and for domains not available a red marker. You can also set a maximum character length for your blog name.

5. Panabee is one of the easiest to use blog name generators out there and can merge, add words, spell words backwards and much more, including domain name extension selection.

6. Brandroot/Wordroid is a creative naming tool that will generate a distinctive name for you and it is completely free to use. Words can be created in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. There are five choices during name selection: Language, Quality Level, Pattern, Wordoid and Domain Name which are all easy to understand.

So there are number of Blog Name Generators for you to check out and see what they produce for your home business and set you on the road for that home business lifestyle.

One more Blog Name Generator tip…

The above provide you with some online resources that you can visit to obtain your blog name. However, another resource I would recommend to you for not just blog name generation but blog title generation is Tweak Your Biz > access this here. very good for helping you with ideas for captivating blog titles.

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Closing Remarks – Blogging For Your Business

Your Blog Content E-book

Mark Ford is a prolific blogger and he is able to help you kick start your home business lifestyle. By sharing blogging tips with you, blog posts, articles and a range of digital products and workshops, Mark Ford can give you the perfect start to blogging. To get you started, learn about uncovering the real facts behind building 6 figure blogs!

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I wish you every success in running your home business from anywhere in the world and blogging daily!

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Mark Fords signatureThought for the day!

Blogging is a skill that is developed over time and time builds leaders along with blogging success. Give it the time. It’s like building a house. Each individual brick does not build the whole house. Likewise each blog is an individual blog that builds out all your content and the ‘whole’ picture over time. Stay the course!

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Mark Ford

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